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Pocono XC skiers?

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hope you downhillers don't mind a skinny ski post. I live for my at least yearly SLC cottonwood canyon trips but the rest of the year I'm stuck in the Poconos, where honestly, I just can't bear to downhill unless I'm teaching kids or something. For the past 20 years I've been skiing most of the skiable days and most of you flatlanders in jersey and philly have no idea that we often have enough snow to xc ski much of the winter, in fact right now i'm waiting for daylight and am going "skating" to the Thornhurst gamelands snowmobile trails. it's wearing thin but is doable for sure.

I love the steep and deep but keep fit in the winter with xc skiing(summer triathlete) and I've always felt that it did alot in making me a good downhiller. just putting the call out to anyone out my way who might xc ski and want to hook up sometime and find the xc spots here in the poconos. i "claim" to have more Penna. xc ski days for the past 20 yrs than any other soul, have no idea if that is true or not, but i know i'm out most days, many after work with a headlamp, 99% by my lonesome which i really don't mind at all. also, i live in the country, in moscow, pa., and have a couple miles of "private" ski trails right at my house. well, daylight coming soon, time to wax up!

FYI- 7 miles road between Gouldsboro and Tobyhanna is where you'll find me on many days, also Tobyhanna state park is usually pretty good, Thornhurst too.

also, i swim all these hidden pocono lakes in the summer, any triathletes here looking for a summer 1/2 day guided pocono triathlete camp let me know. last year one of my philly buddies got to swim 3 hidden lakes, mtn bike pocono trails and do a nice run in one day. it beats traffic!
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Well, at the end of last season I bought 2 pair of Madshus Lillehammer wax-less skis for my wife and I. I mounted them up with Rottefella BC bindings and then added Alpina BC 1550 boots into the mix. The idea was to have something to beat up the golf courses and parks in lower Bucks County after a nice snow fall.

All of the above is still sitting in my home office awaiting snow. We are heading to Sunday River in 2 weeks so they will probably get their maiden voyage there.

Once we get coordinated , I would like to have the option of skipping the weekend crowds and hitting some Pocono trails. Any locations would be appreciated.

This is undoubtedly going to turn into another quiver building sport.
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to the administrators. great place you have here, But you have all these forums, how about a xc ski forum? you even have a humour forum, but no xc ski hangout? i am sure that this place is full of guys like me that throw the skinny skis on regularly.
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