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Tahoe Right Nowish

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Called my buddy in Truckee around 7:18 tonight to get the local scoop.

He said that it's been raining there all day and is in the 40's temperature wise.

He said it was WET.
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Hey dookey are you heading up there this weekend? I would like to do a couple days up at Kirkwood, but I need to find a place to crash Sunday night. Otherwise I will just do a day trip on Sunday or Monday.:
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You probably already know that Kirkwood has 14-20" of new snow and it is snowing right now.
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Went to Bear Valley (CA) today. Tons of fresh snow. More on the way.
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Anyone on Epic skiied Alpine or Squaw of late? Heading down there in a couple of weeks and would like to leave my "rock skiis" at home. Will I need them?:
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As of 8:00 PM Sunday night

Sugarbowl is reporting

Elevation 6,883'
Last 24 hrs 16"
Storm Total 36"
Base 60"
Elevation 8,383'
Last 24 Hrs 23"
Storm Total 46"
Base 91"

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Originally Posted by Mattitude View Post
Anyone on Epic skiied Alpine or Squaw of late? Heading down there in a couple of weeks and would like to leave my "rock skiis" at home. Will I need them?:
Yes (i'm an Alpine pass holder).

Rocks skis: depends to probably not.

I'm no longer skiing mine. But I'm willing to risk a little rocks damage. Besides, I got the worst rock damage last year well after Alpine had a great base.

If you mostly ski the groomers, you will be fine on the good skis.

If you hiking out to Beaver and Estelle, the top is good and the lower part/exit is still thin. If you are careful it should be fine.

If you hate to nick the ptex or the edges, you might want to pack the rock ski and judge for yourself.

Hopefully, we will get another storm or two before your trip.
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Thanks StormDay, for the update. Looks like the West will be getting more precip this week! Hope it gets colder!
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I tore the edge off my board on a hidden rock saturday. Bring the rock skis.
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no rocks yesterday at Squaw

Skied 4 hours at Squaw on Monday AM, and avoided hitting any rocks. Off KT-22, W. Face/Chute 75 had basically no bumps, and there was plenty of deep, cut up, but relatively consistent new snow on GS Bowl/Women's Downhill. Chutes below Cornice II were nice. Reverse Traverse off Siberia to Hogsback/N. Bowl yielded some nice turns in freshies, as well (Sun Bowl was closed).

Upper mountain was not open on Sunday. Word was that, due to patrol layoffs, Granite Chief was not getting cleared/open.
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I skiied 6 hours at Kirkwood on Monday and it just kept getting better right up to when they put the "lift closed" sign up. The snow got lighter through the day and the tracks were getting covered back up in the last couple hours. It was sweet.

I took my 8800's out for the first time and Man O Live, wow. They are awesome and I am in love! They were sweet on the pow and fine in crud and the just railed up fine when carving.

Oh yeah, no lines.

Every run was swell, and swelled in that the cover was there = no rock hits.

Winter's here!
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Monday afternoon at Heavenly was cold, bad visability and the epitome of Sierra cement. Today was considerable improvement.

The Face: recently added upper bumps soft and sweet; the center thru East bowl hard with patches of ice; Gunbarrel OK widely spaced big bumps; some ice.

Under Canyon chair was decent today; Double Down bumps soft and well covered considering all...

Milkey Way was enchanting, not the best coverage but some deep stuff; to the right some power can be found in the tress. Expect Mott/Killebrew to open soon (closed while Iwas there.)

Spent some time off comet Exp; did several runs on Little Dipper; NICE med. sized bumbs, little ice.

Didn't get a lot of coverage/hours in this time. Weather wasn't the greatest; a few moments of sun.

Should only improve from here.

A gargantuon super pipe is being built off Canyon; scheduled to open this weekend i heard on the lift..

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