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DedReer - Oh.. I got the balance a lot better now. If I'm not expecting to get air, I still land a little tail heavy, but If I know i'm going to be in the air, I have no problem landing it.. Thanks for the advice though.
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Good news hydrogen!

If I'm not expecting to get air, I still land a little tail heavy
Me Too!
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I am taking it slow after my fall, but haven't had any issues with nearly landing on my head... I can throw 180s without much issue now. If I get enough free time on skis and become more comfortable with them, I might try for a 360 (heli for you old-schoolers)... Or, if we actually get a terrain park where I can get some more height.. a Daffy... they look pretty rad.
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All of my bad days were classic Pierre "Hey guys watch this" type gawffs.

First doozy was age 15. Being towed through the town streets on a ski rope behind a snowmobile trying to empty the vapors from a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawbery Hill and ran smack dab into the back of a parked car. Ouch.

Lucky Pierre bad day number two: In a mogul comp I did a double ejection with one ski jetting ahead only to stick in the next bump. Ski impaled me, slid up my sternum and broke my jaw with the ski tip. Woke up in Hospital. Good job Pierre!

Lucky Pierre bad day number three: Pierre has the damndest stupidest ideaer of taking a photo of himself jumping off the ledge of The Cirque directly under the tram near the top off Snowbird Utah. Oh yes, I was going to get myself jumping off with the tram in the background. The landing was bottomless powder.

As fate would have it the swinging up of the camera rotated me for a doozy tips first landing after that 40+ foot fall. Ah yes, lights out once again. Awoke about maybe 45 minutes later to double red vision. Camera lense hit right eye. Struggled for some time to ski out of that double black diamond and collapsed as soon as I hit groomed terrain. Woke up again in ski patrol and once again in hospital. 36 stitches to close face back up.

As to your obvious question, with the rotation of the body the picture was pure blue sky and nothing else, damn.

Lucky Pierre Gawff number four: Mushroom Chutes at Jackson hole under the Subblet chair. Pierre makes a mistake on telemark gear and ends up upside down hanging in pine tree 30 feet in the air from retention straps. Oh yes the pine tree was covered in snow and when I hit I went inverted with my coat slipping over my head. My belly hit the branches like pungy sticks in a pit in Nam and all that snow. I am sure I turned purple before I could get my first breath to what? That's right, applause from the chair lift and help on the way.

But how to extract and inverted idiot from the branches of a pine tree thirty feet in the air? You guessed it, two hours later, a ladder from the cliff and cut the straps. I never felt anything so good in my life but then the tumble through the pine pungies into the tree well. Ahhhh, it stopped, please take me down on the sled.

Need I go on, in nearly fifty years of skiing and a personality like mine there is much more, much much more. My tag line says it all.
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I think Lucky Pierre needs to slow down just a wee bit before he becomes 'Luck Just Ran Out' Pierre.
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If scariest equals worst, this is mine. Was about ten years ago at Sugarloaf. It was late afternoon and I was heading down one of the black diamonds up top. I had a one piece suit make of slick nylon material. At the top of a particularly steep pitch, I hit a patch of ice, lost it and found myself hurtleing head first and on my back, down and across the hill. No chance for self arrest as my speed increased. I flew into the woods, stopping only when my skiis got caught between a boulder and massive birch tree. By the grace of God, I went between them. If I was inches to either side, the impact of either would have broken my neck. I survived with a nasty gash to the ear. I did some serious soul searching and gave up what had been my passion for more than 30 years. I figured that my three young boys needed to have their dad around. About three years ago, my wife, a non-skier, said that we needed a family activity, and skiing was it. As usual, she was right. I am back with a vengeance, skiing better, faster and safer, and with the wonderful community at Epic which keeps me juiced.
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My worst are nothing new to this gang, both of them:

1) 10 years ago at Sugerloaf, Maine. It rained the night before and the slope were just boiler plate hard. I slided around even getting to the lift and getting off of it. I saw a lot of people just standing around watching instead of skiing all the empty slopes. But I was too slow to make the connection. Anyway, I decided I would try the green first. Best thing I did. It was impossible to get any edge hold. I slided down with very little control...

That was the only run I did. Everyone else quit also.

To top off the worst day of skiing, I lost control of my car on some ice on the road going back home, totaled it.

2) Just last week. All my fault and nobody else's!

The season really hadn't started all that well in the Northeast. The man-made stuff got skied off pretty quickly and all that's left was ice. So it's rock ski time... except I forgot to tune it!

But I had been skiing icy slope all these years and thought nothing of it. Wrong! I decided I would take on the steepest slope of the resort (Catamount). More wrong! Half way down, I lost my edge and started sliding on my side. Well, that's nothing new either. Just use the skiis to break, right? Except I was picking up speed real fast. Knowing my old binding was set kind of light didn't help my confidence. It took a long time of very careful edge scraping for me to stop.

If that sound scary, it was TO ME. After I stopped, I just lost it. It took a long time before I could get moving again.

THAT, was the worst part.
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Worst ever (long)

Worst. About 8 years ago I TRIED to ski Beaver Creek for first and last
time ever. The day before was my *2nd best ever at Brek with daily
totals of 8 + 10+ 14 in epic cold smoke powder.

With another 14 in new overnight I headed toward Beaver Creek from
Georgetown. I-70 was really really bad with 4-6 inches of slush in the
travel lanes -all the trucks were stuck on the side and almost no cars
were out. It was dumping like no tomorrow. I was thinking at this point
I-70 should have been closed; I looked left and saw the Eastbound lanes
were closed at Vail; turned the radio on and heard the westbound side
that I was traveling just closed due to an avalanche down the exit of the
Eisenhauer Tunnel. Hey I just passed that point 20 minutes ago.

I finally arrived at Beaver Creek late at about 11am. Got my skiis and was
waiting for the shuttle bus but the bus stopped and a huge pile of people
got off. They said all the power just went off to the entire place; Lifts,
base lodge, condos, Hyatt Hotel everything. Nada zip no juice. Boy I was
so pissed I almost flipped out. This could have been my best day ever
but was a complete bust. I drove up to the base and found the daughter
of my wife's best girl friend who worked at the Hyatt was 1 second from
being trapped in the elevator-she stuck her foot in the door.:

Then I drove down to the Beaver Creek Office to find what they knew about
the total power failure (they and all the stuff near I-70 had power)
They knew nothing and said it was the fault of the Holy Cross Electric
Cooperative. I decided the Holy Cross dudes better start praying since
I was going to kill them also. It appeared that the power might be off
all day and BC would not even offer comp tickets. Not that comps would
do any good since an epic day, never to be repeated, was a dud. It was
now 1pm and too late to go anywhere else and the freeway was closed
both ways. Because of this little incident I'll never never ski Beaver
Creek again. I don't hold many grudges (Deer Valley is the only other
one but that's another story) but this is still one. Also may not ski Vail either
-since they own BC (exception -a free Vail Tix last year thanks
to United Airlines)

I left and headed east only a few miles to Minturn where all traffic
was stopped. No hotel rooms available anywhere, 3 hour wait for food
so I just stomped around for a while calling the Colo DOT storm closure
hotline. Even had my wife calling the DOT hotline from Maryland -no one
could get thru. The truckers suggested I try the back road via Ski Cooper
and Leadville. I headed that way in the storm. It was absolutely the worst
whiteout I've ever driven in but I got thru. You could see absolutely
nothing not even the road -only mounds of snow sloping up 10 feet on
each side. I just aimed and drove centered between the sloping mounds
of snow. I stopped in Frisco at the Walmart. They were the greatest.

Walmart gave road status reports every 10 minutes on the PA. In an
hour or so the EB reopened thru Eisenhauer Tunnel. I got back to
Georgetown about 20 hours after I started, completely exhausted, with
no skiing.

The next day, my last before flying home, had another 10 in new snow
but I wasn't about to chance the tunnel again so I skied Loveland-
my *3rd best pow day ever.

(*ps. best pow day evey was 2 years ago in Telluride backcountry
-Bear Creek drainage from top of Gold Hill)
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After spending the first five years of my skiing life in Colorado, I went back east. I had to go to Ft Belvoir, VA to do some Army stuff. I stopped someplace in PA along the way. Can't remember the ski area, but the name Altoona sticks in my head. Anyway, I rented equipment and took off. I seem to remember the parking lot at the top of the mountain. So I started down and here was this skating rink on a ten percent grade. I could see the rocks and grass and all as clear as glass. All this time I thought I was a pretty decent skier, but that day I couldn't ski to save myself. I found myself wishing I'd brought my Red Stars and my Nordicas, but I don't know really how much they would have helped. Now when someone in Colorado complains about the ice on the hill, I tell them there's no such thing as ice in Colorado.

Then there was the time I was timber bashing at Copper--back in the days of runaway straps. I was cruising through the powder among the trees and my left foot went under a fallen tree and my right foot went around the end of it. After I landed I was strung out down the hill such that I was dangling by my left leg, which was suspended by the runaway strap attached to the ski trapped under the log. I finally managed to work my way back up the hill and get my leg free, but seemed to take forever. Houdini would have had a hard time getting out of that one.

Another runaway strap misadventure found me catching an edge at high speed and landing on my back. I slid that way for some distance, trying to keep my feet in the air, knowing what the consequences would be if my bindings released at that speed. I hit a bump and rolled over and blew both toe pieces. I got mugged. One ski hit me on the forehead above my left eye. It was just like a cartoon; I saw stars and birds and funny lights dancing around my head. There wasn't a spot on my body that didn't have a bruise on it. The lump on my head was visible through my cap.

I'm usually not a cutting edge tech kind of person, but when brakes were invented I was the first in line to get some.
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Once my boots leaked and my toes got so cold they didn't thaw out until I was getting ready for bed that night, about 5 hours after I quit skiing.

That's not much, but it's all I can think of. Either I've buried any bad memories, or I don't have any. Skiing's been pretty good to me!
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Mdskier - Who needs lifts? I would have been hiking up to the good stuff... Would have hiked back up again if it was worth the hike. A long hike and 1 good powder run is better than nothing.
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