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U.P. Racer meets Heluvaskier!!!!

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We've come a long way since this exchange.

I was in Upstate NY on a business trip, and got the opportunity to do a bit of skiing. Greg's a damn nice guy. Thanks for the free ticket.

I also checked out Bristol Mountain. Great place. I entered their Wednesday night adult race league..... Holy crap are there some good racers there. Half of them over 40! They take their ski racing serious in NY!!!

Stay tuned to hear of my next business trip. I may be in your town next. Any ski area's in Maryland????
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Greg kicked your butt didn't he? C'mon admit it.
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Originally posted by U.P. Racer:
Any ski area's in Maryland????
Which part of Maryland?

The Wisp in Western MD is a pretty nice hill. Other parts of MD depend upon PA & West VA for their skiing fix.
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Originally posted by Carvemeister:
Greg kicked your butt didn't he? C'mon admit it.
Actually, Greg was apparently too chicken to come over to Bristol for the race Wednesday. I told him about it Tuesday.

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Very interesting indeed!
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Hey U.P.-Glad you could make our Wednesday Nite "Beer League" race at Bristol! I'd have said "hi" if I'd known you were there,although my mood wasn't the best-I suffered a major "regression"!C'mon out again next year and race with us. Yes, we do have some great racers and the 40-45 and 45-49 year old categories are some of the most competitive (I miss them by being 52).
Bristol isn't Vermont, or out West, but we get in our vertical, and we should see another expansion next year. Hope to see you or any other Bears again!
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If you didn't see me, you must not have stayed too long at the bar afterwards. [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img] I won a "wizard of clay" original coffee mug in the raffle. Then I met 2 guys who went to a ski academy at Lake Placid with a guy I used to race against in High school. And yet another guy who's uncle is from my hometown. Small world.
Any other Bears from that league?
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Congrats on your raffle win! Jamie Kozlowlski "The Wizard of Clay" does a great job of donating really nice prizes. Hope you got some chicken wings-I sit with the guy (Dave aka "Ski God" aka "Baldie" Blanding) who supplies the Frank's Hot Sauce and I was there 'til the end of the presentation. No stop at Locks Stock and Barrel afterward-I had to get home so I could ski and gate train on Thursday morning (I NEEDED the gate training!)
I know one of my buddyies from Bristol is a bear and an occasional poster-not sure what name he goes under.Anyway, glad you enjoyed your visit to Upstate NY and come see us again!
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Wizard of Clay website

Check it out. Beautiful work.
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U.P. is a good guy for those of you who have not met him. I would have come to Bristol to race the GS if i had more notice - next time though. We were able to get in some SL gates, the night we skied together. U.P. ran the course with no shin guards - a very brave man indeed. So how did the race end up on Wednesday night UP? I definitely would have loved to race with you guys over there. Actually the course you'd love to get the chance to race at Bristol is when they do a full GS set from the top. Thats a real GS! We will have to meet up again and make some turns. It was a great time - accept i forgot my shin guards...
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And here all this time i thought youd come back and tell everyone how terrible of a skier i am... luckily you missed me almost ditch it on the way down next to the course. I'll be sure to save all the good falls for next time.
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Well... the race went pretty good. I skied two clean runs and I was like 1.2 seconds out. I didn't have a suit with me, though.... Yeah, that's my excuse.

I think I was first place among people without suits, though. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I remember reading that "WAR OF WORDS" and I have to admit I was entertained. Strong opinions and convictions never need an apology. Its neat you guys actually met.
I never skied at Bristol. Growing up Holday Valley was under an hour and I had a pass there. Anyway flash forward 30 years , and my new neighbor's wife is from Canindagua , NY. He visited her home a month ago and skied there while visiting and raved about it.

I knew the hill was 1200 vert, but I wasn't aware it also had a high speed quad to access it. I live in Pittsburgh which would make it a fairly tough day trip, but I want to plan for sure to get a weekday up there next January when conditions are primo. Our passes at 7 Springs allow us to ski at Bristol midweek for 1/2 off as well.

A lot has to do with how March's weather pans out , but is there enough cover there now to provide decent prospects for a decent day of skiing at Bristol in late March, provided we don't go tropical with the weather over the next several weeks.
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I just got back from a 7 hour day skiing Bristol in the sun. I'm down there 3-4 times a week and will be happy to give anyone a real world report on conditions-just email me or PM me.
BTW-Our top to bottom end of year "beer league" race is next Friday 3/5 starting at 10:00. Not sure-but I think outsiders can sign up. We're also having the final Master's race on the 7th.
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