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Tremblant Booking Snafus

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So I booked a ski and stay for 5 days in March, 2 bdrm at Lodge de la Montagne and was quoted a hhigher proice than ahd been there a few weeks ago. When I asked why the price was higher I was told than the prices change and that the figures I'd developed earlier didint; ionclude althe charges.

OK, still seemed a good deal ~ $2300 Canadian for 5 nights and a mix fo 2 and 3 days Alpine skiing.The accomocations portion was ~ $1800 CND.

A few days later I used their website and found the same accomodations wihout any skiiing attached for ~ $1400 CDN, so I called to find out why the charges were so different.

Turns out that booking the ski and stay package brings up different and HIGHER costs for accomodations than booking the accomodations alone. The night I called, the consultant ran the numbers and found the same anomalies: the ski and stay was still the same ~$1800 CDN price, and the accmodations alone was still the same ~$1400 CDN price. The supervisor I talked to said that the system raised the price per night for Friday and Saturday night to over $400 per night, while accomodations alone pricing did not do that.

They could not solve the problem right then (i.e., lower the package price by ~ $400 CDN); they did suggest canceling my old reservation and booking the new one and me paying $42 (the usual cancellation fee) for that action. I politely declined that offer.

I asked them to keep working on it and to call me back, which they said they would, probably by Monday the latest. More news later.
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Tough one.

When you call, I'd ask if the person answering the phone works for Intrawest Central Reservations (aka RezRez) or for Tremblant. I suspect you're getting ICR and in that case, congratulations. You just reached one of Intrawest's main call centers. They don't care about you as a guest as much as Tremblant itself. So I'd try to figure out how to get a hold Tremblant and call them directly. I guess I'd call the Lodge de la Montagne and ask for the front desk supervisor. Explain the situation to them.
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resolution achieved

Thanks for the suggestion.

I called and it's resolved . . . well, sort of.

For a Ski and Stay package I now have same accomodations price as if I booked a la carte (~ $350 lower that they originally charged me) and for the lift tickets I have a ~4% discount.

I had thought I'd get more of a discount for booking together, but at least I'm not being charged more for the package now.

EXCITED about going up there!!!!
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