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"Current" Tahoe Conditions

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This comes from a ski/snowboard email group I belong to here in the San Francisco Bay Area:

"Hmmmm - temperature inversion meant snow at lake level and rain at the
base of squaw last night... I'm in a cabin at the base of Squaw and it
looks like snow level starts at 7000 feet unfortunately and visibility
looks really tough. It's currently raining (on and off) pretty hard
at the base of Squaw - and the lower runs are really messy. The new
storm is just getting here - it's low 30's right now at the base, and
it's probably not going to get colder. It's definitely possible the
storm will still bring snow at upper elevations - I'm holding out for
one of those magic snowstorms that surprises everyone.

Squaw claims 6-8" of new snow at 8,000' and I hear them doing
avalanche control, but it's Squaw so it's probably more like the 4-6"
that Alpine reports. I'm betting it is wet and heavy snow. Squaw is
only scheduled to spin Gold Coast, Shirley, and High Camp (along with
little lifts like Bailey's, Belmont, E. Broadway, and Links) .
Initially they had said no Solitude, but now they list it as a "HOLD"
which will probably be the status all day... just to get the lift
count up there. 29 degrees and 30 MPH winds at the summit of Alpine
and 33 degrees with 20 MPH winds at the base.

I think today might be a tough day to ride with visibility, wind, and
wet conditions - if anyone heads up, let us know how it is. Tomorrow
could be a good day at upper elevations if this storm is snow up there
since it looks like a big storm. I'll send an update later."
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I'm thinking of coming up to Northlake Saturday morning, so if anyone can post their experience today at Squaw/Alpine, that would be great. thanks
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called my old college roomie who lives in Truckee tonight around 7:18.

he said that it was raining all day and the temps were in the 40's. He advised me not to make the trek since it was W-E-T.
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this report has deflated me some. i'm planning on heading to heavenly mon and tues..
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i'm starting to get the sneaking suspicion that there actually might be snow at some of the resorts.


nobody has posted condition reports since like Thursday.

leading me to believe that they're all out riding the fresh.

either that or sulking at home in the rain.
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Anyone been upto Kirkwood .. I am planning to go either tomorrow or Monday
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Doo' I think your hunch is right. I am loading up the car for a trip up to Kirkwood tomorrow or Monday. I figure we will get some updates later today.
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Snowing at Alpine base all morning. It was creamy at the top, heavy by the top of roundhouse and slushy on Gunner's.

Got some wintry mix/rain around 1pm or so. I caught the tail end of it on the 1st lift ride after lunch. Snow was very heavy up top after a little rain. Starting snowing hard again by the time we left around 2pm.

Snow report for today seemed about right based on the rocks that got cover since last weekend.
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