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Ummmm, this is steep...

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I'm in the process of building our new photo gallery and I thought you guys would like to see this one now. I really like this one!

Owens Never Sleeps http://www.tetongravity.com
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wow!. thanks.
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Was that a heli drop where they hang from a cable 200 ft. below the chopper?
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WOW! But don't you guys think you might want to check the avi conditions first? I'd hate to have to be sending email to ONS in jail for gettin' someone killt.
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Great stuff!
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Whaaaatttt? Are you nuts? I suppose that, just to make it "interesting" there's a rock cliff out of view below this death trap that you get to avalanche (that's a verb like "surfing") over, eh?
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Was this an early morning shot?
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Cool! thanks!
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Now I am drooling, AND shaking. Thanks!

Yikes! Busting out slabs is really scary.

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Mmmmmmm. That happened to me once. Yeah it was terrifying! Then I woke up and grabbed a glass of milk. Has anyone else started having ski dreams yet?

Great pic ONS!
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yeah - I have a recurring dream where I'm at the top of the mountain with perfect snow conditions on a gorgeous day and I can't find my skis! I'm totally alone with no way off the mountain. Then I wake up and realise I live in a country with no ski resorts and the nightmare continues - arse!
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