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Another injury story - Page 2

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Give plenty of time for it to heal... even after you get better, take it easy for a couple more weeks just in case...
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Originally Posted by learn2turn View Post
The only time I ever hyperextended my thumb was with those silly warp-around pole grips. Do not give up straps and go to warp-around grips. You're increasing, not decreasing the chance of an injury.

I have a pair of Goode poles where the straps are on a little metal clips. The clip snap into a notch on the grip.These will release if the pole gets caught on something, a useful feature. Strap is the bottom one in the picture below (not the Interlock one).

Oh, and I always considered UBR pretty much a natural snow trail at Wa. Yeah they drag hoses thru the woods to blow a minimal base on it. But, unless it snows, it's always just a sheet of ice. I think it would be better if they left it ungroomed. Bumps would scare off those that shouldn't be on it and also prevent slides.
Yup, me too.
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Originally Posted by jviss View Post
I didn't really want to go here with this, but I think skier_j distorts this. I'll resign this thread if continuing it requires that I am bullied. I thanks those who offered constructive input on this topic.

I am a bit indignant at your response to my post. I encourage you to reread LM's post. I think it's entirely inappropriate of her to tell me to not waste her and others' time by asking medical questions in the forum unless I've already completed physical therapy. I think it is presumptuous and rude.
be careful jviss ... there are a lot of people who have been members on this site for YEARS and have become *good* friends along the way.

Knowing LM as I do, my take on her post was "sorry I gave advice ... I am so used to being asked for it ... it's a catch-22". It really was an apology.

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Damn, that sucks.

Once you're cleared to exercise your shoulder get into some yoga...a good power yoga with lots of down dogs is $$$ for the shoulders.
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