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What Rossignol skis are these?

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I have just bought a pair of new Rossignol Cobra XT 100 with axium 100 bindings on ebay for a decent price. However when I've tried searching for the model I am unable to find them. I obviously find all of the similarly named models but not this particular one. There are a number of sites that show all of the models and ive not found similar markings on any of them. I have no date of manufacture.
I hope that one of you guys will be able to help me. This is a great site and has been a massive help in reeducating my skiing knowledge.
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a wild guess that they are a SMU-special make up- for a buying group or large chain
usually a low end ski with graphics similar to a higher end ski...
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I wouldn't doubt they are SMU but doubt they are lower end. They have the Rossi X-Plate (or whatever they called it) from about 3 seasons ago. That plate was only used on upper-end skis. My guess is they are either a rebranded variant of the RPM 100 or a softened up version of the RPM 100. What are the dimensions of the ski?
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Thanks for the replies guys. The dimensions are 112/69/95. Radius at 162 = 16 Metres. I have also manged to find a couple of useful photos....
This is the first set of carving skis I have bought and I have never skied on them before! I did most of my skiing when I when I was younger and although I have skied a few times in the past few years this was on my head straight 185cm. Do you think these are a reasonable pair to get acquainted with shaped skis? I would describe my level(pre carve) to be between intermediaate and advanced skiing mostly reds and blacks with a particular fancy for moguls. I am male,6 feet tall and weigh 135lbs ( quite tall and very skinny!). The skis I have bought are coming in 162cm, are these about the right length? Thanks again for the replies and any more comments would be greatly appreciated.
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Waxman ... are you in Aspen ... Slidebrook last year ?
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nope, the great white north, every year...and as far as the x-plate/twin deck up here the 800lb gorilla buying group had that plate on versions of the cut 10.2, does it say made in spain on them somewhere? big clue that they are SMUs
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I would agree they are probably a SMU ski. However this doesn't mean it's a peice of junk.

From your desription that you are new to shaped skis and havent' skied in a while you are going to want a forgiving well manner ski. What you have there is just that.

I skied a SMU a few seasons ago and still to this day, even with a few high end skis in my possesion, I still enjoy going out on my SMU Rossi's because they are easy, forgiving and smooth to cruise around on and just make turns.

Sure they won't bite like crazy or hold huge angle turns but they perform excellent for the intermediate skier allowing you to gain skill and confidence to move on to higher end skis.

Ski the hell out of em and have fun.
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