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Loved Atomic st 12...

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I skied the Atomic st-12pb slalom ski and absolutely loved it. Do you have any opinions on what other skis I shoud test before getting a pair of those atomics? I skied the Salomon SC race as well, but they did not feel nearly as good as the atomics did for me, so a definite no for the Salomons in this case.

I am looking for a good slalom carver - I already have an all-mountain ski.
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If you liked the ST the SL is a better ski but it is stiffer and more powerful .If you want something better (in my opinion) try the Volkl Racetiger sl with the ipt motion binding in a 165cm (not their race stock) . This ski rocks and has been given excellent reviews. Excellent edge hold ,carve's terrific,forgiving,not overly stiff and lively. Try them I think you will like them.
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Hmmm. I will try to find the Racetigers for a test ride. I think that as a woman I will go for a shorter length though. I like that my slalom skis are short and have a snappy feel. I will test the SL 12's as well, but it might be that I liked the versatility of the st 12 (yes, I know - there are way more versatile skis, but I am speaking of the slalom ski category). The ST's were no as stiff as the Salomons, and I think that it might be the thing I liked.
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