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Atomic RT TI 150, love and hate...

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I got a pair of Atomic RT TI 150 that I absolutely love on the race course.

The edge to edge, power and stiffness really drive the skis the way they should. Although I love these boots, I can't wear them for more than an hour without experiencing some kind of foot pain or cold. A day in the mountain? Forget it. 60 second GS? Absolutely!

I've had them ground out about as far as the shell will allow to remove the pressure points around my toes and ankles. (I have wide, bony feet.) Toe height and instep volume are okay, but the width! Oh the width! Ouch!

My foot width is about 103mm wide, which makes the 95mm plug, and even the 98mm versions quite uncomfortable for long periods of time.

Is there an 'all-day' performance race boot out there that won't make my feet feel like they're in a vice grip?
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The Ti is very narrow in the heel/ankle. If you have a wide heel it will probably not work very well in the correct size. My forefoot is 99-100mm wide and i'm in a 93mm wide shell. My boot is the Nordica Hot Rod Top Fuel and i have a 0mm shell fit. The Top Fuel is just 1.5mm wider on the medial side and 1.5mm wider on the lateral side than the Diablo Race R/Dobie WC shell in the next biger size (1 finger shell fit - the correct size). It is like a plug that has been ground out-of-the-box. I went with a 0mm shell fit because the TF runs big. I would choose the next bigger size if i got the full on plug. Even with a 0mm shell fit, the boot is relatively narrow throughout, not very narrow. I have a lace-up race liner for the boot because the stock liner is too short and too narrow.

If the Ti is too narrow why don't you look at the CS? It is a wider version of the plug. It is much better for freeskiing and is easier to live with.
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The Atomic plug in 150 or Med flex will never be an all day freeskiing boot. That's simply not the nature of the design.

Still, did you have the forefoot punched before the grinds? There's alot of plastic up front for grinding pressure points, but if you need width all across the board, stretching would probably be required first. Also, if you're already fully ground out up front, the CS likely won't make much of a difference other than the slightly more cush liner since it's wider do to a thinner shell rather than a wider external last.
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Yeah I was thinking maybe not the 'race line' of boots (no CS) at all.

Perhaps something like the Nordica Speedmachine 14 or the Atomic M-Tech? (Anyone own these? How are they width wise?)

My 'other' boot is 10 year old Salomon Performa Sport that is one size too big, packed out, and has the flex of a wet noodle.
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You may want to try Head RS110s, or an older model WC Ti M103.

I also have a wide foot.

I picked up a new pair of the 103s and like them a lot. The only negative is my toes do get cold. I took a fleece sock and cut out the toe and glued(spray adhesive) over the neoprene toe box. It helped.
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