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A boot question

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someone told me if i adjust the cuff of my ski boots so they face outwards(bowlegged) it will make the boot preform better. Any truth to this? Also i am in no way bowlegged and the person who told me this is aware of that.

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I know Benny Raich does this for slalom. It helps to get on edge quicker when he moves toward a normal stance he's right on edge.

It's an asset if you're racing. I see your name is "bumpskier"; it might not work well for a bump skier.
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try it and see for your self? that is the best test rather then asking people online that have not seen the fit of your boots, how you ski, how big the boots are on you, how much you can or can't flex your ankles, what skis you are on, what your tibial rotation is etc.
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So, cuff canting is used in order to keep the boot sole flat on the snow, irrespective of the cuff. Therefore, it would make sense to your bowlegged friend to perform that cant operation and his boots will perform better.
I doubt the same is true for you, as you dont have your friend's bowlegs. (I hope)
If you think there is an issue with your alignment, get it checked. I personally wouldnt want to ski bumps with a poor alignment, as proper knee mechanics will serve to protect from having them replaced prematurely.
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