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Old Lange XSH boot

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Gonna test all you "experts" out there...anyone know what the flex correlation might be of the XSH (about a 92 or 93 model) to the current boots? Curious what its flex was rated at so I can consider new options. This boot is grey with black and pink buckles, had a forward lean adjuster for 16 or 18 degrees, cant adjusters, and a liner heater...sound familiar?
Any help would be appreciated.
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I remember the boot. It was on the lower to mid level of that series...X=series S=Soft, H=Heat. I would say by todays boots it was a 90 or so flex.

Time for a new boot.
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Phil...can I ask you a question about flex. I am 6'3" and weigh 205#. I am 51 years old and ski alot safer than i used to as a youngster ( and I used to bash when I was young). I read about guys trashing their buckles by to much flex in a boot which I can picture. But this boot I can no more flex to that degree than the man in the moon or at least come anywhere near causing the middle 2 buckles to come close (and they are pretty close when not flexed). How much flex should I notice in a boot with, say, a 90 flex factor when in my skiis and leaning or forcing the tongue forward? I can't get these boots to budge in this scenario and am wondering if I would consider this a stiff boot for my capabilities?
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Simply put, this boot was designed to be skied with a traditional ski which required an up/down technique, where the current skis require a lateral stiff, but can be fairly soft in a forward manner.

Time for a boot from this century.
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