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Bindings for BC/XC and telemark?

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Is there a binding/boot setup that works for both XC style skiing and telemark? It seems like the old 3 pin bindings might work for this.

I picked up a pair of dirt cheap skis (new though) recently and want to mount some bindings for skiing on the lake I live on. They have a regular base on them (not waxless), have an edge so could be used for turns but are fairly skinny. They're called Karhu Outbound and I think they were designed for telemark or backcountry XC skiing.

I found some old articles about the skis and they suggested you could use them for NE woods skiing or telemark so the thought was if I could do both great!

The number of choices in bindings, boots etc is kind of confusing but my thought was to put either an old style 3 pin binding or maybe a "BC" XC binding on there. Think cheap and versatile here .

Any thoughts?
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Voile hardwire on a release plate
correction: not the cartridge sprung one.


after that, it hinges on which boot you wanna use.
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Found your skis listed here as "classic AT".http://home.comcast.net/~pinnah/Dirt...r/bc-skis.html

Pre shaped-ski boards designed for telemark skiing. Probably with skins for the uphill, I don't think they would be very good for xc skiing on the flats. While they look skinny today, these were designed for use in the mountains. For telemarking on those skis, I would suggest Voilé's CRB three-pin binding and Garmont Excursion or similar boot (see above link).
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Silveretta makes an AT binding with a bail toe piece that fits a telemark boot. You cannot do telemake turns with this setup, but it allows you to climb with a free heel and ski with your heel clamped down without having to buy AT specific boots.
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That is an interesting option. I have a pair of Easy Go's and with the pivot it's, not unlike NNN touring. You can tour with a hiking boot if you wanted to with these bindings.

Currently, I have some Riva II comps on Chugaches that are wider than the Outbounds and have fun tooling with them for turns, Throwing some Easy Go's on them would be a highly versatile rig. If you are looking to save a few bucks in the tele binding and boot department, I have some Red Hot Chilis and Older Scrapa T3s that would go well with those....along with some Silvretta 440s.
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