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Innsbruck Conditions

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Can anyone provide current conditions for the Innsbruck area? I'll be heading there for a meeting on 19 February. As part of my hotel, I have lift tickets for Axamer Lizum, so anything specific to this area would be greatly appreciated.

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This year's season has been way below average so far, conditions below 2000 m are pretty bony right now. They need one or two additional major snow storms to get back to decent coverage again. OTOH there is snow in the forecast for the next couple of days.

Consider hitting the Stubai glacier instead if things don't shape up until then.
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I was there just after Christmas, and I don't think things have changed much since then (or maybe they have?).

I was pleasently surprised with Axamer Lizum. They did a great job with the snowmaking and it's a really nice hill.

Stubai technically had more open, but I had a better time at Axamer Lizum. The quality of the runs open just seemed higher.

If you have two days, by all means hit both. If you have three days, I think you'll go back to Axamer Lizum.

Another issue is proximity. Axamer Lizum is much closer, especially if you're using the ski bus.
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Thanks Ami. We have two days plus maybe 1/2 of third. We'll probably go to Axamer Lizum first and then see how the conditions are.

Can anyone tell me why most European ski areas do not list their historical snow fall totals anywhere? Is it because the areas are just too big?
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A 10 year history of snow conditions is available on the SCGB site

I have stayed in Innsbruck, at The Golden Adler, but I have never used the town for a ski base. Overhearing the conversations of other guests, indicated that quite a few septics base themselves in Innsbruck for their entire ski trip.
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It makes a decent base if you are looking for a place with other things to do than a ski village. It's a proper city with other cultural diversions. And it's a beautiful medieval town.

The only problem is that the ski buses are not organised very well and run on a shockingly poor schedule. They only run once an hour (if that), with the first bus not leaving the city until 9.00 am (although to Stubai there is an earlier bus, but the trip takes 90 minutes). When I was there, the bus drivers had a mix up and didn't know where they were supposed to go, which was very disappointing as we drove around the city in a packed bus for 30 minutes before getting to a parking lot where everyone was told to get off and stand around for a while.

We also had a problem with the tourist office opening hours, and could not buy the discounted all inclusive package for Stubai because the office didn't open until after the buses departed. We ended up paying twice as much as we'd expected. Not a brilliant way of organsing things.

If you have a car, I think it's a great option. But without skiing directly in the city (apart from one area that I believe has yet to open this season), relying on the ski buses is a little annoying.
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