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K2 ski length - has it changed?

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OK, this was asked on snowHeads, and I was wondering if there are any K2 people on here who can give a definitive answer...

"For 2007 skis (in Winter Park last week) K2 were measuring just the flat part of the ski (not tip to tail), so 154cm ski is really 160cm. I know it sounds daft but I actually saw 2006 hire ski (154) and 2007 ski (154) and they were different lengths - both marked 154. It was the same with the 'recons' my husband was looking at as well.

This is how I actually, physically, saw it, last years skis are shorter than this years skis. i.e. last years 154 skis are shorter than this years 154. Last years 154 skis measure approx 154cm from tip to tail, this years measure approx.160cm tip to tail. They both had '154' stamped on them."

Does anyone know if this is the case, and why?
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I don't know about '07 lengths but I had a similar experience with K2. I was shopping for a Crossfire and the 04-05 model listed the dimensions as 109-68-99 and the 05-06 model listed at 115-68-99 and some reviews even noted the shapelier dimensions of the new 06-05 ski. When I put the two side by side in a shop they were identical even tho their labels clearly said they were different. When the salesman (?) could not explain the discrepancy to me I decided I better deal with a different ski shop, but I never found out why they changed the label without changing the construction.
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Here is what I understand atleast about their 06-07 models. I talked to shane szocs who is sponsored by k2 and he told me that K2 measured from the tip of the ski to the end of the flat part of the ski. So not including the tail. So a 189cm Vicious would actually be like 192-193cm. I can see that from looking at k2 that I have seen but I am pretty certain that they measure from from the tip, a 189 vicious does not look like a 196cm ski.
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There was no change in the skis. K2 only changed the spot where they measure the tip of the ski. 04-05 measured at the "Contact Point" and they changed to measure at the widest point in the tip.....the same as all the other ski companies. So that's why the 109 tip became 115. The Recon changed from 115 to 119. As for the size, they added the new tail shape which made the ski longer. The newer, rounder tail added about 3 cm to the overall length.
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Thanks guys!
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This may not be very relevant, since K2 is mostly out of the race-ski business, but:

Race skis are measured all the way to the tip. The FIS and USSA rules specify how they're measured. Actually, I suppose since all the length rules are minimums, a manufacturer could probably go ahead nad mark their skis with measurements from someplace short of the tip, but they'd just be forcing users to use a little bit longer ski in order to comply with the rules.
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