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What to DEMO this weekend?

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Hi Everyone! This is my first post here on EpicSki, so I'll introduce myself. My name is Dan, and I have been skiing for about 11 years, off and on. I have been stuck at intermediate for quite awhile, as I experienced a lot of foot pain in my boots, and I was even considering giving up skiing.

However recently I experienced a revelation! After doing some research, I went to Claude at SkiNetSports here in Los Angeles and had a custom boot fitting/alignment done. Now my feet feel amazing and my skiing has improved DRASTICALLY. My skis go where I want them, and I can actually practice correct movement.

Now that I am in my skiing renaissance, I am interested in getting some new, modern, more shapely skis. I ski on my edges, constantly practice proper extension and flexion in my turns, use pole plants, etc. I am very comfortable on most groomed terrain up to the easier black runs (excluding bumps). I feel that I am ready for a ski to take me to the next level in my learning.

My question to the board is if you guys feel that my demo selections are appropriate.

My Height: 6'3"
Weight: 205 lbs.
Current Skis: 2000/2001 Volant SuperKarve ~185 cm

Skis Interested in:

Volkl AC3, Fischer RX-8, Elan Speedwave 12, Head XRC-800

I am travelling to South Lake Tahoe this friday morning and will be skiing Heavenly. Tahoe Boot n' Bike Works has all the skis I am interested in trying out for demo.

Do you think these are appropriate, and if not, what would be a better choice? Keep in mind my goal is to become the best skier I can, and to keep improving my technique, not follow any kind of trendy ski (meaning I am not wed to these choices, but they seem to be constantly reviewed well here and on RealSkiers).

Thanks so much for your help!

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I would also add the big brothers to the skis you mentioned, skis with 80 or so waists..you will sacrifice a little edge to edge quickness, but gain a whole bunch of stability and float for softer deeper snow.
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As a developing skier, I would stick to the Fischer RX8, Head 800 & Elan Speedwave 12. You might also add the Head Monster 72 & Dynastar Contact 9 to you list.

A more narrow ski makes carving much easier. Once you are linking carved turns on all but the most difficult runs you can take those skills and more easily carve turns with a wider ski.

You might study this for more info: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=48898


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Considering where you live I think you need to go wider than the RX-8 since much of what you'll be skiing will be heavy snow, slush and corn. Skis I would recommend trying are:

Volkl AC3
Rossignol B2
Fischer AMC 76
Dynastar 4800
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