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Stance angles

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whats your Stance angles? and what type of rider are you?
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12/-6 currently.

type: trying. But basically a freerider with all-mountain freestyle aspirations. I do ride switch a lot but came in on angle with the back foot due to ankle soreness.
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Freeride. 0% park/pipe.
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39/33 soft
65/60 hard

All mountain, carve hard, try to ride anything that is there both forward and switch.

Unfortunately my stance is dictated by my big dogs. It is not really optimal for the kind of riding that I do, but I have been on it long enough to be used to it.
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24/3 @ 20.5" mounted in center of sidecut for all mountain carving, variable terrain.
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22.5 width....22 f -18 back, actually have recently been riding my alpine whip and feeling the need to widen my stance.(sorry to say I actually have NEVER even looked at how where the angles are if you can believe that)? Probably goes to show my loyalty to the freestlye world.
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21,-9. 23.75 wide.
Mainly freeride but also try some freestyle on natural terrain.
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18/-12 @ 22.5" wide. Mostly freeride, a little park. I also spend a lot of time riding switch while teaching.
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30/15 angles, 75 back on my powder board with softer strap-ins and softer boots. I like it soft and can still charge down a 45* couloir with the best of them with their super stiff (supposedly 'speed') set-ups.
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15,-3. freeride until last couple years, started getting in the park
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+-15 22" stance give or take half an inch depending on the board. I generally ride with my stance set all the way back for pow riding since that is majority of what I do. Though with my new split Summit board and it's incredible set back already I have my stance set once insert back from the front.
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45/3, although I may go to 0 on the back. Front binding is placed as suggested by the board manufacturer, back is back one set of holes for better float in powder. Freeride, and do my best impression of freecarve if I'm on the board on a groomer day.
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I run +28/+15 19" and that works well.
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15/-5, I'll probably try a 15/-10 this year. Mainly freeride, all-mountain.
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12/9 havent measured my stance but it works ha
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Angles are 18/ -6  - width is 23 1/4" for all-mountain, jib and powder boards.


All-mountain and freestyle rider - basically any terrain on the mountain.  Do at least 35% switch.


Got a more forward angle set up on the BDX and Slalom boards - can't remember the stats though. 


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