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The Stepdaughter meets the Darkside

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In the continuing saga of Seasons with Stepmom, Lisa, Mark,and Mark's daughter Kara spend 3 days at Sunday River. Our story takes place in the time span of about 13 years, and involves various visits to the northeast from Mark's children, who live in Florida.

Past adventures have included:
Whitewater rafting: Lisa falls out of raft, Kara gets stung by bee

Camping: In the rain!

Blue Hills: Greg falls down the mountain

Mount Snow: A teenage girl who had been stalking Greg in Florida shows upat the lodge at Mount Snow.

Whistler; Lisa and Kara,still inexperienced skiers, ski down the Blackcomb Blues through a whiteout.

And a few non sport adventures include 4 people sharing my upper west side Manhattan studio apartment, when a fire started in the building, summer plans getting waylaid by a funeral of the kids grandfather, Lisa ending up in hospital, and a few other adversities.

But the theme is constant. Adversity does not always mean tragedy. Dealing with adversity in sport leaves one better equipt to deal with adversity in life. Working together as a family is the best way to deal with adversity.
The "stepfamily" experience is not always a negative one.

Alas, our last episode found Lisa and Kara in somewhat of a rift. Kara, beinng an expert horseback rider, took to skiing quite easily. Lisa, although being extremely fit, did not. 14 year old girls have a way of rubbing things in. Lisa is way too sensitive!

This was the first time the 'girls' would meet again in 2 years.
But all seems to be well, and past grudges are forgotten. We are watching a TV show on horseback riding, and Kara is explaining to me the similarities between skiing and horseback riding. I got her Sally Swift's Centered Riding for Christmas.

Kara has decided to try snowboarding. The first step is figuring out how to dress her. Fortunately, we are about the same size. But there's a problem. I have this proclivity towards girly girl colors, pinks and purples. This will not work for a boarder.

I had a pow wow in the chat room with Cal, Disski and Kee Tov. We decided that a pair of my blue ski pants would work best, since they were slightly baggy. Mark has a blue jacket that was very baggy on her. Ok. We have the look.

Its her first day of lessons. At the end of the day, she says to me "Now I undestand how you feel about skiing!" Although she is fit and athletic, she did not take to boarding at all. It is even more of a blow to the ego if you are considerably coordinated, but find something you cannot do well.

The next day, she would not let us watch her put her board on. GET OUT OF HERE! Ok.

Later, Mark asked if she wanted to try to go down an easy green at Southridge. She agreed. But there's a problem. Might have been an easy green, but for day 2 of lessons, it was still too challenging.

At this point, I must digress from a bit of history. Mark, bless him, has a way of thinking that I am better than I really am. he also does not understand that there are some hard trails I can do with an instructor, but not with him. Last year, He took me down something, where I got stuck at the edge in terror.

I ended up next to a 10 year old boy, who was crying "my brother is an a$$hole!" I said "my husband is an a$$hole".
Poor Kara, stuck at the edge of the trail, says "I guess my dad is an a$$hole!"

But, as always, she lived to tell the tale.

Since no trip to Sunday River would be complete without a visit to the Grizz, we went there on our last day. The Grizz is one of those places that just has a way of making you very happy.
They were doing a raffle to win a snowboard, but unfortunately we had to go pick the doggie up from sleep away camp. I had this instinct I get when I'm about to win something. I told Kara to pick a table that had the 3 nicest looking people. We agreed on one group, and asked if they ski or board. BOARDERS, YES! We told them why we were giving them our raffle tickets, and their smiles lit up the room.

When it comes to bridging the so called generation gap, I believe that sport is the common route to empathy between people of all ages. Both pride and insecurity are common emotions at all stages of life. Sport, especially snow sports are a great way to illicit these feelings.

And the future of the family lies in sport.

Thanks for reading!
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Lisamarie, this is priceless! Kudos to you for keeping on working at the relationship.

How was the skiing, by the way?
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Skiing was great. It was actually snowing on Sat. So much better than last year!
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She goes home today. Still undecided as to whether she will ski or board the next time we get together. It will be interesting to see what she chooses.
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