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Haber Vision Goggles

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Anyone have a pair?

Good deal for $55?
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my gf has a pair. they're pretty good most of the time, but because of the polarized lenses, they're not great in flat light. they are however very good at not fogging up. they send me a pair of their sunglasses as well cause the goggles took so long and those have worked great for summer road cycling.
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My son bought me a pair of the Haber goggles, because I fish in a pair of Haber polarized sunglasses. I would say the goggles are an excellent value for the bucks. And I would disagree about the prior post about flat light. The lense has an orange coating that somehow seems to paint even small differences in light, showing excellent detail even in flat light.
I also have a pair of Zeal photochromatics that are probably better, but they also cost three times as much. I think you'll be happy with Haber for the $$$.
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