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Ski length and type help

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I am an absolute newbie here and have been skiing for about 3 yrs. With some lessons, I am currently a level 5-6 (able to ski groomed blues and easy blacks as well as some crud-like blues). I cannot ski moguls at all. Having fallen in love with the sport, I purchased K2 Omni 5.5 160cm 2004 version two years ago. I am 5'4" and 140 lbs. These skis are close to the top of my forehead. I love their performance on groomed runs but I have a harder time turning them on crud. I was advised to try skis that are slightly shorter. I tried the K2 Comanche at 153 but I felt that it did not hold an edge as well as my Omni. I have been doing a lot of online reading and found that the reviews on Volkl AC3 were favorable. What do you guys think about me getting the Volkl in 156? What about the K2 Apache Crossfire in 153?
I mainly ski in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

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I still have not had a reply from anyone. Is this part of a newbie's initiation into the skiing forums ?
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Gee relax, it's only been few minutes. Some of us have lives you know.

Yea the AC3 in the short lenght should do ok. I'm a Volkl guy.

You might want to look through the ski magazines to see what the experts say about different skis.

www.skimag.com for one. The Sept issue has skis in it. Skiing does the same month. Also Ski press out of Canada has a good review. There are a lot of good skis out there. Read them and pick a couple to demo. Maybe even try last years Volkl AC3.

I'm kind of leaning toward the Dynastar Contact 11 it got good marks in the Moguls. May be to much ski for you just yet.
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Thanks Max,

The original thread was two days ago BTW.
What's the difference between last year's AC3 and this year's AC3? And yes, I am not ready for moguls yet.

I am also a Volkl guy...in tennis that is .

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Oh, I just looked at the time, sorry.

IMO this years AC3 is stiffer.

The AC2 might be worth taking for a test ride. With the right ski moguls become fun.

I took my AX3's out last Sunday because the moguls were nice on Saturday on my AC4's. The AX3's are a better ski for them. My AX3's have over 120 day's on them. Volkl had agreat ski there.
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Thanks again,
Unfortunately I cannot afford more than one quiver. I was hoping that a slightly shorter AC3 could take place of my K2 Omni.

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