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Summit/Eagle County late this week/weekend?

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Are any of the locals going up this week/weekend? It's been about 10 days since I've been up, so I wanna go again. lol My schedule, as much as I really do hate to say it, is still wide open since I haven't secured a job yet. I see that there is a small amount of snow in the forecast, but doesn't seem to be too significant. What is everyone's plan???

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Family ski day at Copper on Friday. But, I'll likely be spending my time with Gabe (5 year old) on the greens of Union Creek.
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Game for Copper! Sat or Sun?
Think I might have a few BOGOs if anybody is in need?
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Mike, my buddy from out of town will be heading up to Summit County for Friday and Saturday. Not sure where he'll be riding, but I'll keep you posted, if you'd like to hook up with him.
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Copper Saturday, VR on Sunday


I'll be at Copper on Saturday with a group (including Jennifer). I have a feeling my segment of the group will be fairly small though, so I'll be pretty flexible.

Jennifer and I are open for any VR on Sunday.

Let me know before Friday night if you might head up, as I won't have internet in Summit County.

OK Dan
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I'm pretty flexible too. I think Tiff is going up to Casper to visit her folks, so I'd be alone. I'd have to buy a ticket at Copper or Vail/BC, but that's no problem.
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I'll be at Copper on Sunday. Would love to make some turns with anyone who happens to be there.

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Cappi and I will up Sunday and Monday. She will probably just ski Monday so I may be at loose ends Sun. Breck or Copper works for me. Place where we will be staying has an answering machine: 970 668-5981 LewBob
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Sounds like it's Copper for me then for Saturday with OK Dan and his peeps. I'll be by myself, so I'll just see if one of the hostels has some room and give that a shot... unless someone has a better/cheaper idea. I'll also need to get a ticket, so I'll be shopping for the best deal on that too.

I don't know Copper very well, so if someone wants to post a meeting time/place that would probably help. See you guys Saturday!
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Son #1 & myself both have to work on Sat. So Sunday were shooting for Copper. If we get Snow that could change!
Mike, maybe somebody with a pass or 4-pack could get you the friends & family discount?
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Glenn, that son #1 thing reads cool. I was son #1 in my family as Don Jr., which will always have a familiar ring to me...but I digress.

Gang; Betsy and I had planned for Copper this Sunday. Actually, I was going to PM spdskr (Duane) as we met him just last Sunday at East Copper Village, second floor above lockers.

So, we will be there finishing our Breakfast upstairs by 8:30 AM. I’ll watch this thread or check PM’s for any updates you all have.

Good Skiing!
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I will stay in touch too. If Cappi doesn't ski Sunday I will see you guys at Copper, though I will probably just be on the groomed unless there is a big dump. PM me with cell phones is you want. LewBob
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My cell is [edit] for whomever wants to make a note of it.

[Moderator edit: please PM madmike for his phone number]
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Mike, Now you will get all kinds of crank calls! Lew
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Hopefully no bad calls for Mike...

LewBob/Mike; so far spdskr, Betsy and I are meeting at East Copper Village on 2nd floor looking out towards SuperBee lift this Sunday. We will be up there from about 8:AM. Mike, this location is the other side of the ticket office window as you get off the parking lot bus.

There is also some PM's flying about initiated by OK Dan regarding this Saturday and Sunday also including cgeib and Mr. Vertical. Not sure where all that is at this moment.

So, as it stands from where I sit, spdskr, Mrs. Don and DonDenver will be at Copper Sunday morning...will you come join us?!
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Head on over to Copper on Sunday everyone. The more the merrier. If anyone needs discount tickets, let me know. I can reserve up to four $42 tickets that day.

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Sounds like there might be quite a turnout -- we want pics!
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I hope to be there. LB
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Don,Lew & Company,
Sunday Copper it is! Think I can talk my sons into it, & maybe a Special Limited Engagement Appearance by the Misses Vertical (Can you say Union Creek?).
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Alright, so I'll be up tomorrow morning. Dan, we need a meeting time/place since I'll be about the only one meeting you guys! It looks like you may be already gone, so I'll call ya. I'm gonna give the Alpen Hutte a call and see if they've got any racks open for tomorrow night so I don't have to drive back down.

I didn't really wanna have to buy a ticket for both Sat and Sun, but I can't pass up the crowd that'll be there on Sunday.

Duane, thanks for the offer of the discount ticket. That price is just a tad better than I can get with my military ID.
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Thanks Dan, Jennifer, and gang for a great day on the hill. It was a lot of fun and it was nice to meet some more super nice people.

Unfortunately folks, I'm gonna wuss out of tomorrow. I'm beat after skiing today and I realized that I forgot to leave extra food out for our cat. Anyway, have a good day tomorrow. I'll try to get back up this week before the holiday crowds pull in.
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Copper Outstanding!

Betsy and I had a wonderful ski Sunday at Copper and wish to thank our Bear friends:

Mr. Vertical, Mrs. Vertical, Verticalson1, Verticalson2
LewBob, Mrs. LewBob

cgeib, if you see Tom and Donnie before you go, tell them thanks for the free ski and instruction...that was a hoot!

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Hey all, Good skiing with you Sunday. Mike, sorry I missed you.

I had a great day at Copper on Monday skiing solo. I went over to Timberline and there was about 4 or 5 inches of fresh. I followed a guy through a powder field and into the trees knowing I could shoot out onto Moz when the trees got tight.

I did just that and was delighted to find out I had fresh on top of groomed and no one was skiing it. I took the same route: powder field into trees onto Moz for 5 or 6 runs before someone on the lift explained about "noon groomers." The slope was closed!! (This gives a new meaning to Nooner). Anyway I did a very good job preserving the powder by skiing next to my previous lines, for a few more runs and then headed up the little chair to the ridge and did the cornice KLK showed us last spring with John Price from Breck, who I rode the chair with. Don, I even did some powdery bumps, the only kind I like any more, though my back muscles did protest that I should have stretched them first.

So sorry none of you were still around too share the powder with. Maybe at LGC3. BTW, I saw Bong with his crew from England as I was heading to the lift. He saw me first and called out that my type wasn't allowed at Copper! Lew
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Noon Groomers and Powder Bumps...Wow...are you living the life!

We'll be skiing with you and Mrs. LewBob again soon. We thought her chairlift “singing” was just awesome.
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