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Corn, Blue Skys and rocks a Snowbird TR

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Monday the 5th of February was a great day of skiing, but we had corn snow and its Feburary. Thats not really suppose happen. Coverage is getting thin in areas especially any South west facing aspects(think Lupine Loop area of Mineral Basin) but the snow that was there was corned up in mineral and was skiing pretty dang good.

So some pictures
My best impression of Tyrone Shoelaces

Looking Down canyon from Hidden Peak

This Part of mineral was skiing pretty good

This part not so good

Chamonix Bowl was FKNA awesome today

Pre-drop-in stoke on Chamonix Bowl

Droppin in

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It was so corny

On days like today I am totally content rippin steep open bowls

You would be smiling to if you were here

Alta was pretty damn good too

sorry no action from alta this conclude this session of bushwacker TV.
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save some of that for me!

i'm headed to Utah Feb 27th - March 1st.
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not bad at all ... weird to see this Feb whatever though. Hoping some more pow comes your way soon ....
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FKNA that spot looks sweet. I gotta hit that next time.
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Hey BW,

You should come back east for a quick trip. The WV Alps have gotten 70" of snow in less than 30 days and it's snowing right now!

Although, the corn looks like fun.
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Can't wait till that refreezes.
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Originally Posted by Barfing Beaver View Post
Can't wait till that refreezes.
True that. It's all going to be shiit when the cold weather returns. Going to need about a 18"+ dump after the freeze for it to resemble a typical February in Utah again.

I hope that comes soon because I'll be at Snowbasin in 13 days. My pessimistic prediction: A hard freeze followed by 12 inches over the next 2 weeks accompanied by howling winds to blow it all right back down to a FRGR base with some good stashes to be found amongst the rocks and trees.

Please tell me how freakin' wrong I am. :
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Bushwackin, Great pictures, 3rd picture down on your second post: great looking turn, shooting for a magazine cover? I don't know why you say one part doesn't look so good. I think having to turn around those snirt spots make the skiing interesting. Than again I do ski at MRG quite a bit. Love the dropping in photos, get that left hand up though. Your really skiing strong.
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It's spelled skies. (Like the plural of ski.)
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Need to post this somewhere so I guess here is as good as anyplace. Thanks for the positive comments guys
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