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I just ordered a new-in-wrapper set of 2006 Metron 10 164cm and a set of new-in-box Neox 614 bindings in silver (unmounted). I think the bindings are 2006 as well, they have the honeycomb design on the toe piece. I don't know how to tell for sure, though. By the time they arrived (today), I had demoed and just had to have Volkl AC4s. PM me with an offer if you're interested. I'm heading up to Killington Wednesday after lunch and won't be near a computer for a few days, but I will return all messages. I plan to sell my 2005 Metron 11 152cm used with Neox 412 soon, too. Shipping will be from New Hampshire, or I can deliver them locally. You can check my Ebay feedback rating under the same name, over 450 at 100% positive.