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Need to buy new boots...but

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I need to buy new boots...but, I am told my feet have a slightly odd shape to them. I went to the three area ski shops to see if I could get a consensus on which boot to buy. Each store recommended a different brand and size, but all said the same thing...my foot is oddly shaped.

I wear a mens 8 shoe in normal width. I have a relatively narrow heal. My arch is moderate but the top of my feet have a high bone (the top of my feet have a high arch). I currently have Dalbello Innovex 6.6 boots - entry level, inexpensive. They never fit well and were never confortable. They've been tweeked and massaged to no avail.

I am an east coast skier (Hunter, Winham, Bellayre, Catamount, Butternut, etc...), blue trails 90%. I am a recreational skier with no intentions of being anthing more. My main goal is to be able to walk (key word here is walk) into work on Monday.

I am no hurry to buy boots as I just had knee surgery 6 weeks ago, but I was going to buy them anyway this year. Between surgery and lack of snow, I put it off, but I am ready to ski now and I would like to buy better quality and more comfortable boots to finish out what can be salvaged of this season.

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I haven't skied at any of the areas you mentioned in more than 20 years, but I recently went to Gore. I was appalled at the lack of knowledge in the ski shops around there. I can only suggest that you bite the bullet and head up to Vermont for a decent bootfitting experience. The easiest access that I know for sure will work is at Stratton and Green Mountain Orthotic Lab. My experience there and my satisfaction with their service has been well-documented on this forum. Take a look at the sticky at the top of this forum for a list of other bootfitters that bears recommend. The guys at GMOL will not judge you...they ask you what you want in a boot and will put you in that boot and then ensure it fits your foot and your ski technique.
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Keith at The pro ski and ride at hunter should be able to help.Call and make appointment and he will get u into a boot and if needed a foot bed in about an hour
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Yeah, Keith at the Pro Ski and Sport will set you up, he's on Rt. 23A just before Hunter Mtn.

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Thanks for the replies. I would prefer to buy locally becuase I am here all the time. If I go to Killington, I may not make it back there enough for adjustments. I can go to a local shop every week and get adjusted until they fit right.

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