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M:EX's v Snoop Daddy's

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With UK airtravel having tighter weight restrictions I'm looking reduce my quiver. My old M:B5's have gone & my 03/04 Sugar Daddy's have a couple of potential buyers.

I'll then be left with a pair of last years SX-B5's with the lighter Neox 412's & a pair of 04/05 M:EX's with the heavier 412's. This worked great last week when going to Verbier as I took one pair of heel & toe pieces in my carry-on luggage & both skis in the flat (well with the just the rail fitted) in my double bag which just about made the ski bag weight limit.

Luckily we had some fresh last week & the 175 M:EX's were great both on-piste & in 2-3 feet of powder.

I've now got the drop on a pair of 174 Snoop Daddy's with the lighter Neox 412's but won't have a chance to demo. If I play it right I can flip the M:EX's & get the Snoop's for very little extra. I reckon that the Snoop's might be a bit lighter than the M:EX's & that little extra underfoot will help off-piste.

Does anyone have any experience of skiing both of the M:EX & the Snoop Daddy as I'm interested in comparisons.
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I haven't skied the Snoop's, but I own the M:EX's and was previously also considering a switch to the Snoop's.

But, the manager of the local shop which carries Atomic, talked me out it (which can't be good for business). He also skis the M:EX's, and said the Snoop, while slightly better in soft snow, was slightly less versatile on hard-pack.

He felt the two skis had considerable overlap, and couldn't clearly favor one over the other.

Like you, I've found the M:EX's to be great in anything short of 2 feet of fresh. I concluded I wasn't willing to forgo the M:EX's advantage in on-piste performance, for a slight gain in off-piste.

But, I also have the Sugar Daddy, and I knew the Snoop would also overlap with this ski.
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Thanks Cap'n.

I basically got the exact same advice from the UK Atomic rep this morning regarding the wide overlap between the M:EX's & the Snoop's, with the M:EX's being better on piste.

I'd also forgotten that for airtravel to the US scheduled flights I get a far bigger weight allowance.

His advice to me, which I think I'm going to take, is to stay with my SX-B5's, M:EX's & Sugar Daddy's but for my weight requirements still sell my old SD's & then get some new un's with a Neox set-up so I can perm any 2 from 3 for Europe & N.America/Canada charter flights but if I take scheduled flights to N.America, which I'll have to do for a return trip to Utah I'll be able to take all 3 with one set of bindings within my weight limit.


And sourcing a pair of cheap end of season Sugar Daddy's will give me something to do in the summer.
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Spyderjon: Sounds like a clever plan.

For someone as technically challenged as me, I'd never dare remove bindings - even though they're all interchangable. But for you, no problemo!

I find my MB:5's and M:EX's cover most contingencies. Anything more is a luxury.

But, if you can fit 3 in a bag - why not?
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