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Lone Skier and Cheap SLC Skiing

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I may be taking my ski week by myself this year. That presents some economic challenges. I am thinking of flying to SLC, take a shuttle to a hotel and then the bus to LCC and BCC. That way at least I won't have to pay for a rental car.

Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to keep costs down?

I am also looking for help with finding a hotel that has an airport shuttle and is in walking distance of a direct bus route to LCC and BCC
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I'm in much the same boat this year. Will probably be going by myself for three or four days skiing in late Feb. I've currently watching what I consider some real good deals in Banff, Beaver Creek and the Summit County area. Banff seems to have the best snow conditions of the three... Steamboat is usually pretty economical from the Twin Cities and no car is necessary there.
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Stuff on the lower half of Forte Union (between Trax and 2000 E) would be the go. 2 buses there, one to BCC and one to LCC. There's a bunch of hotels (whack the addy into google or use an accommodation site). I wouldn't worry too much about the airport shuttle if you found a place with a good price. It's about $20 from the airport for a shared shuttle (blue bus or similar).
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Funny, I just got on here to start a thread about taking ski trips alone.

I'm in the same situation. I'm not tied to a specific area though, I'm checking various places to find the best deal, and I'll determine it from there.

If you've got an American Express card, they've got some discount deals at Snowbird, Solitude, DV and a few others in Utah; they have deals in other areas, too.
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solo... but way cheap

I just got back from solo trip to Utah.

First, let me say I was worried about skiing alone. But, The first lift ride I met a guy from sweden who I skied with for the next two days. I also met another guy from utah and and another from co that I skied with for the rest of my time there. Just strike up a conversation with people on the lift, in line...

Second, lodging. I stayed at the camelot house near downtown SLC for $9.60 per night. http://www.camelothostel.com/CG.htm. I booked it through hostel world http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldet...tLakeCity-7729. There was a great crew there. I even ended up goiing out to bars with a few of the guys.

Third, this made it cheap enough so I could rent a car. Get a cheap one through priceline, hotwire... Even at $30 a day (and you can probably get it for near $20 a day) you're ahead of the game from a cheap hotel room. Drive to the ski areas but take the bus on snow days.

Fourth, check out "sliding on the cheap utah" at http://www.slidingonthecheap.com/ut/...ry/000020.html
or http://www.skiutah.com/hot_deals/
for great deals.

Fifth, check to see if your season pass has a recipricol agreement with any of the mountains. My mt wachusett (a dinky ma mountain) allowed me to get half price tickets at alta ($26).

Finally, if none of the above - buy a superpass through travelocity. It allows you to ski one of the mountains in bcc or lcc (alta, snowbird (with tram), solitude, brighton) for about $43 a day or go to the local ski stores to get discount tickets.

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You might also consider staying at one of the lodges at the base of Alta. The lodges are a great way for solo skiers to hook up with new friends to ski with. The prices include meals, and you can get everything from a dorm room to fancy digs. The cheapest are Alta Peruvian ($119 for a dorm room and three meals a day; $135 for shared bath; $175 for a private bath) and Snowpine Lodge ($119 for a dorm room, breakfast and four-course dinner; $133 for a room with a shared bath). Goldminer's Daughter is next in price. The meals at all the lodges are very good (the high-end lodges have excellent food). You can get a joint ticket for Alta and Snowbird, and you won't have to worry about getting to and from the resorts.

If you really want to stay in SLC, make sure to stay with a hotel that offers the discounted ticket that's good at all 4 Cottonwood Canyon resorts (get details from SLC Visitors Bureau; I think tix are $44 this year or somewhere around that price). You can use the public transportation system to get to all 4 resorts from downtown, just know that it takes awhile to get to the resorts this way.

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There is a new web site that has some great ideas. You should look it up.


I think they are still building it a bit but its pretty awesome as it stands!
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Having just been up to SLC (10 days ago), I could not get out of there fast enough due to the smog. It was the worst it's been. The locals had to workout indoors it was so bad. Staying at Alta, Park City or other areas would keep you out of the smog.....or hopefully it's cleared up some. Skiing solo is always a good way to meet new folks.
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Thanks all, the hints and links are appreciateed -- As always this forum is both interesting to read and exceedingly helpful.
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