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Hear about the two peanuts walking down the street?

No, do tell us Yuki!:

Well, one was a salted!:

: I gagged myself with that one too.
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To me these have been around the ski school locker rooms for a long time, but if you've not heard them hopefully enjoy.

What's the difference between a snowboard instuctor and a ski instructor?
Nothing, both can't ski.

When you're at a bar, how do you know if someone's a ski instructor?
You don't have to, they'll tell you.

How do snowboarders greet others on the mountain?
Whoooah, sorry dude.

What does PSIA backwards (AISP) stand for?
A**holes in stretch pants.

What does AASI stand for?
A**holes against ski instructors.

Three snowboarders are in a car, who's driving?
The sheriff.

What do you call a snowboarder w/o a girlfriend?

would list a few more if i knew a pc way of telling the jokes. Cheers.

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A bear walks into a bar and says, "I'd like a tall, cool....




Bud Light."

The bartender says, "Okay, but what's with the pause?"

The bear says, "I was born with them."
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Two statues have stood vigil in the park for as long as anyone can or cares to remember; the statue of a nude male and nude female.

One fine day, from out of the blue, down flutters a fairy; The Good Statue Fairy, to be precise. She looks upon the statues that have stood throughout the heat of summer and cold of winter, ever enduring, silent and true.

She tells them .... "We appreciate the fine work that you have done here in the park and as a reward for such faithful service, I am allowed to grant you a wish ... for thirty minutes ... you can do whatever you like.

And so, after gazing across the park at each other for so many years, they climb down from their pedestals. They look longingly at each other with a mutual gleam in their eyes and off they go ... into the bushes.

From the bushes there can be heard the sounds of gleeful laughter, the rustle of the leaves, snorting and grunting as they take their pleasures. After fifteen minutes or so things fall silent ..

Then is heard ..

Him .... "That was great wasn't it?"

Her .... "It was and it was better than I thought!"

Him .... "Want to do it one more time?"

Her .... "Sure, but this time, you hold the pigeon down and I'll shizz on it!"
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