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for you NASTAR racers

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Did you race in high school/college/above?
Do you improve your times each year or are you on the downswing?
Do you think better equipment will improve your times?
Do you think gates are the most accurate barometer of where a skier is, technically?

I ran the course at Park City in December and, though nervous at the top, was hooked once on the course. My best time (20 seconds and change) had me not quite to the middle of the pack of racers in my age group who ran that course this year. Was beginning to get a clue by the last run, mostly because I was getting more aggressive and starting turns earlier (on my 185's).
I can't say the gates are an accurate barometer of my skiing as, while I can turn skis fine enough on flat snow, I'm just trying to find my way in deep powder and bumps. But sloppiness in my turning - lack of precision, anyway - is evident in the gates.
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Ask yourself, what would D.C. do? There's lots of similarity.
I didn't mean, get lapped.(oops, sorry,just kidding. hope you can take some good natured kidding) ) [img]smile.gif[/img]

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HA. As in, I'm ALSO slow?
what DOES D.C. do? Hope Michael falls asleep?
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No, seriously, the approach to a gate is the same as the entry into a corner, only without the braking. If you "turn in" too early(or break too late) you run wide on the exit.(like JPM at Interlagos turn 1) Start your turn on the "rise line"(imaginary line up the fall line from the turning pole)above the gate. Finish your turn under the gate and across the hill to the next rise line. If you come in too low and straight you still have to wait to turn until the "rise line"(like JPM when he late braked inside of MS at Indy last year in turn 1)
Remember, until last year McLaren had the faster car. Tactics make up for a lot.
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thanks for the tips. as i do it more, i'm sure i'll be able to fine-tune and start considering the proper line as opposed to simply not falling out of the course. gonna put up a cone course this summer, too, for rollerblading drills. we'll see the effects next season.
have managed to collect a few World Cup vids now; i just turn down beattie and watch what the racers are trying to do. also, yes, when watching F1, i do tend to visualize SG and DH racers setting up their turns and finding ways to NOT scrub speed.


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Ryan, Questions: no, yes improve, yes definately, oh yes.
I run Nastar frequently and club race. I even made the PC trip for the nationals this year. I finished middle of the pack. Had a horrible day 1, much better day 2. I'm no where near a "real racer" but I know my way around a Nastar set. When I free ski I can carve clean arcs at high speed with the best of them. However, when bombing down a race course, something doesn't quite click and I don't get out from over my skis (much). Yes line, tactics and all that race talk is important, but getting out from over your skis and carving clean arcs is the key!
A dedicated race ski will help, but a good carver on an all mtn ski can easily whip an average skier on a race ski.
If you're serious about improving race times, you must take some dedicated race lessons.
I find that after running gates all day, free skiing is easy! Nothing improves overall skiing like racing. My humble .02
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Cool animation ryan.
Actually I think F-1 is more like slalom or GS. They have to be very exact in the line. Circle racing is more like DH where there's more than one "groove" on the track.(especially dirt track).
I went to "Nationals" in 98. It was a blast. Practice up and try it next year. It usually conflicts with Lutsen so I haven't been since.
Carving skis usually work pretty well on our short mid=west hills but for nats a shorter race ski would probably be better. My main competition here in the 55s group has won Nationals a couple times(2nd this year).
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