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Dynastar Deja Vu...

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Look familiar? They even have the red vibration damping "thingy"

It's the new Dynastar Big Trouble - It would have been ever cooler if just said Course on both tails.
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The 'vibration thingy' is purely graphics. I'm wondering who Dynastar intends to appeal to with this graphic? I like it, but I don't think anyone younger than me will remember the 'Barney Clark' days.
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It would have been even cooler if they included the actual red balls.

Those grafix are bitchin'!
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Dynastar had better graphics that that.

The Omeglass I & II were much better. As were some of the old Verticals.
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Yesterday I saw Salomons with the orange/purple/grey Course 9000 2S graphics. Looked like an XWing of some kind.
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They look GRrrrreat!
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Between these and the retro graphics of the Rossi tele line, I'm digging it....
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