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Headed up to Tahoe Friday night around 8pm and nailed the drive in 3 hours flat. Crashed at our Truckee cabin and got up Sat morn with my pops and headed over to Squaw. First time there this season. We usually don't go since they're a bit stingy with the Senior Discount ($42 until you're 76 as opposed to say Sugarbowls 65+ for $5).

At any rate I was on my 177 Karmas, freshly tuned and my dad was trying out a pair of 175 B2's (he's been demoing and has ridden various lengths of the Salomon Tornadoes, the B2, and B3). We headed up to Gold Coast and did a couple easy groomers to warm up before hitting Lake Louise. Most of the mountain was open, but as with all the Tahoe resorts, it was pretty bare. Granite Chief was open, but nobody was on it as a ton of debris was showing.

The runs off Shirley lift were pretty solid, a little on the hard hardpack tip, but the sides were decent since most folks were ripping down the middle of the runs and kicking shavings to the curb.

This is only the 2nd time I've been on my Karmas this season, so it took me a couple runs to dial 'em in. I have to ride 'em low and tight to keep 'em from jittering on straightlines, but they turn on a dime, which is a decent enough compromise.

I did a few laps working my way from the chair to skiers right. After a few runs they opened Solitude, so I ventured over there. Snow was great, but it was an obstacle course on par with a minature golf course. It was fun though, you just couldn't rip through it for fear of nailing an exposed boulder or tree. Still I did it twice and then bailed after a number of others discovered the snow was sweet over on that side. Headed back to Shirley, did a few more laps and then went over to Emmigrant to reconnect with my dad. We did a few on Gold Coast then back to Shirley. He quit around 1 and I rode until 2, screaming down to the village on the mountain run, which was suprisingly good (I think they're blowing on that run). All in all a decent 4 hours of Winter Spring conditions and nice mellow crowds for Squaw.

Saturday night our cabin was popping with me, my dad, my cousin, his GF, their friends Sean and Tammy, my old college roomie Trevor and his pal Tom, and then my two friends Tracy and Scott, who had ridden KW (they said it was bulletproof, but no lift lines) and driven around the lake. We had fondue and tons of brews and then crashed with the plan of hitting North Star on Sunday.

My dad was up at 7:30 and out the door solo by 8. My cousin and his crew were up around 8:30 and out by 9:15. Me, Tracy, and Scott were all up at 8:30, but we took our sweet time and left the cabin around 9:45 or so. We were on the mountain by 11 (if you don't get to North Star before 9:30 you're parking nosebleed stlyee and taking forever to get on the mountain). We missed our 10:30 meet-up time by 30 minutes, but ran inot my cousin and his peoples shortly. We did a few laps off West Ridge, hitting side runs like Luggis and Stump Valley. Then we traversed over East Ridge and ducked off Tonini's and The Chute. Conditions were pretty much similar to Squaw, hardpack with lottsa soft serve kicked to the curb. While there weren't any exposed rocks, there were lots of rock chunks dotting many of the runs and the odd tree limb/young trunk sticking up.

We hit the Rendezvous chair a few times and then decided to increase our runs by heading down to Comstock. Did a few laps that way and then broke for a quick lunch. We ripped a few more "slalom" runs off both East and West Ridge and ran into my dad on the way back to Comstock Express. He was on lhis last run of the day and bid us a fond farewell as he headed to the Village and then to Dave's to return his B2's and head home.

From there we then hit the backside. Did Burnout, which was a mixture of soft serve, borderline Spring slush, and a lot of hidden ice. My cousin, his buddy Sean, and my friend Scott were ripping the sidelines, but I was having trouble edging and kept slipping out when I hit icy patches. It bummed me out because I'd just had a tune but it sure didn't feel like they'd done anything to the edges (it also didn't seem like they'd done a solid wax job as none of the nicks on my bases had been filled in). I was riding my No Ka Ois, which are usually pretty solid on the hard pack conditions, but wished I'd broke out with the Karmas as the tune the shop did on them was solid. We did Burnout again and I stuck to the side, but still slipped out of a few ice patches, enough to make me a bit uncomfortable and fear a nice long slide down the run. The bottom of the run where it turns to head to the lift was a serious ice burm that I almost Wide World Of Sportsed a few times, but am a strong enough skier (I think) that I saved myself each time. It wasn't pretty though.

From Burnout we hit Iron Horse which was much better. I think fewer people had been riding it, so the softened hardpack hadn't been skied down to the icy base (keep in mind that those of us who have been riding Tahoe recently have been experiencing the icy morning, soft afternoon, with re-freezing at night). After Iron Horse my cousin and Sean went to convince their significant others (Katie and Tammy, respectively) to ride Burnout with them. Scott opted to take advantage of the free mountain top lessons NS has S-F at 3pm. Me, I was feeling the leg burn and knew that I would flail in a lesson, so I railed down East Ridge and all the way to the village and back to my truck.

All in all a decent day, mostly due to the company I was keeping and decent enough "Spring" styled conditions. The only downside was the obvious non-tune tune I'd paid $35 for, but other than that no complaints.

Like MTT said in a post elsewhere, it's what you make of it and there is decent snow to be had if you search it out. But really right now Tahoe I think is just about getting out and enjoying the sun and riding with some good peoples and having a good, relaxed time, getting in a few (10 at least) runs, and quitting when the quittings good.