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share effective ski drills

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hi guys,

I am going on a 3 day trip next week with some random people from school a majority of whom snowboard, so I suspect that I will spend a lot of time skiing alone (especially early morning).

So I tried to look up some ski drills for general balance improvement but couldn't find a good post containing anything other than random suggestions (ex "Try 1000 steps").

So I thought I would start one hoping others would pitch in.

My favorite drill (and the one that I feel has advanced my skiing the most) so far has been one legged skiing. I cannot perform it on the uphill foot yet (so I end up switching feet at transition and always skiing one footed on the downhill ski) because i feel that if i tip over too much i just end up on my face as there is nothing on the uphill side to correct balance.
It is important to maintain the forward pressure when doing this, as it is VERY easy to get into the backseat skiing one footed and then you are just practicing bad habits.
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Try skating down the fall line on very easy terrain. See if you can get 5-10 skates in before you pick up more speed than you can handle. See how long you can glide on each ski on edge while you are extending to the next skate. If you are balanced properly over the ski you should be able to feel the whole edge engaged during your skate. Most people will tend to be behind their skis i.e. in the back seat and not have the front of the ski carving into the snow. If that happens try to feel more connection with the shin on the front part of the boot and slightly to the sides of the boot. If you feel heel pressure you are behind.

If that type of skating feels good then up the difficultly by trying to skate ( on the same terrain_) using all four edges. This gets you to feel the rolling/ tipping of the ankles needed to engage smoothly the edges of the ski . Sequence will go like this: slide a little straight, tip on the left edge of left ski, roll to right edge of left ski, extend off this edge, skating/stepping to right edge of right ski, roll to left edge of right ski extend and step to left edge of left ski then repeat. Lengthen out your stride and get the glide going as long as you can. You definately will improve your balance and it is great to work on at all ski areas especially where there is some easy flat terrain that most people just straight run back to a lift, use that terrain to improve your skiing.
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