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Move over PSI-Man!!!

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Here's Plen.

I stumbled across this one by accident. At first I wasn't sure if it was stop motion animation or not, but it's real. The COOL thing is that we now have a robot that can balance while in motion. Think about that. That's one of the hardest things about skiing, and now we've got a robot that can do it. I want to see him on skis.



BTW, where can I get my upgrade?
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Good find, Lonnie. Amazing, and very cool!

PSIMAN, however, is unimpressed at this point. I overheard him say something like, "if it was easy, it would be called skateboarding." And "let's put a pair of skis on him and push him down the mountain, and see what happens then!" And he also muttered something about how "anyone with half a brain could do that."

(Understandable, for someone without a head.)

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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I also think it would be useful to do a cost/balancing ability matrix. Plen cost about $2K. What did PSIman cost to build?

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PSIMAN says . . . can you do this?

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also think it would be useful to do a cost/balancing ability matrix. Plen cost about $2K. What did PSIman cost to build?
Yeah, PSIMAN agrees. He says Plen looks like a gear freak and someone who has taken too many private lessons. He should loosen up and stop thinking so much. Stop looking a ski instructor and just get out there and ski! It's natural. Let it happen. Stop trying so hard, and making all those "pretty" movements!
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Like Ott says, "More Jaegermeister!"
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PSIMAN tried Jaegermeister once. He just had one word for it: "Sticky."

He prefers ordinary ol' 3-in-1. But he thinks Plen would go for some of those expensive fu-fu fluids.
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Originally Posted by Lonnie View Post

Th hardest thing about skiing about skiing is balance while being static once your allways moving, balance is the easy part.

fixed it for you.
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Originally Posted by T-Square View Post

Gotta love the "wedge stop."
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So, would it surprise you that Plen was discovered 2 years ago in The Original PSIMAN thread and PSIMAN still beat his a$$?
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How cool would it be to program this thing to ski????

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PSIMAN thinks that Plen would just become another private lesson taking, fur coat wearing, Hummer driving, Aspenite.....

Why program it when it should be natural?
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