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Sorry to plagarise New Hampie, but I'm feeling very michivous this week! Alta ego made me do it...honest!

My Alta ego in law invited it's 35 year old body to Fernie and a couple of other Canadian resorts for Xmas 04/05. He'll have to do some childcare but can ski on his own most of the time. It told me to look for some locals who can give guidance about where to explpore, how to hook up w/ other alta egos. I see on their website that Fernie offers general mountain which sounds good.
He's a very good powder skier occasionally races, but doesn't really like to rip on the ice. It's family minded Salomon X-Screams might be best left at home with a view to testing something nice and hour glassed in shape maybe? Are there any Canadain types who can offer advice or who might even want take a few runs with my long-time skiing buddy and all-round bad kid?