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Pineapple express

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What does a Pineapple Express mean to Colorado? Am I looking at snow at Vail or rain?
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It typically results in heavy snowfall for the mountain areas of Colorado. Vail included.
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Rain to the top, this time of year, is very rare in Colorado.
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Depends on the southern jet. When the pineapple express is really rolling, Wolf Creek, Taos, Santa Fe and those areas get buried. TSV is forecasting high pressure to seal off the pacific northwest with a return to the storm pattern that his provided them with a lot of snow, as well as the Denver area. If that forecast holds true, the mountains of Colorado, except for Telluride, Purgatory, and Wolf Creek, won't do so well. Only mother nature knows for sure.
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A pinneapple isn't always rain for *any* of the resorts, Tahoe & PNW included. If sufficient cold from the north meets up with the eastward flow of moisture, then look out. Prodigious dumps can be had.
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