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Mounting on Rossi RS World Cup SL Skis

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I just bought a pair of the Rossignol RS Wolrd Cup Slalom skis and I have a pair of last years FKS 120's to mount on them. I'm not sure which holes to use. I have last years manual and it only covers the RK GS plate. Does anyone know which holes to use for a boot sole of 289mm for that ski? I am a former certified tech, not just some dude who wants to save a few bucks and mount my own skis. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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A quick suggestion, if there is a boot center mark:

Place your boot onto the ski at this point, slide the toe and heel of the binding under the boot, use the holes that the screws line up with.

No boot center mark? :

Measure the chord length of the ski, divide by 2, measure this new distance from the tail, place boot toe there. Slide binding under boot, line up holes.
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There is no center line.
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SL Skis - bindings mounting position

If there is no mark on your ski, you can find the center of runner surface by placing skis together base-to-base, measure the length of the portion of the bases that actually touch each other, divide by two and make a mark on the sidewall at that point. If you have caliper, double check by measuring along the ski waist to ensure that CRS point is the narrowest point. Even after you went through all that trouble, the bad news is that you are still screwed according to this one expert, who basically said - “Currently, the positioning of ski boot bindings on alpine skis is determined by aligning a ski boot midsole mark indicative of the midpoint of the boot sole with a ski manufacturer's prescribed mounting mark on the surface of the ski. The mounting mark is typically a predetermined point which is generally determined by the manufacturer using statistical averages. Such a positioning system is ineffective for skiers whose physiology differs significantly from the statistical averages. More importantly, the prior art systems are not capable of dealing with individual variations in a person's flex, stance and balance. Such individual variations are significant…” Discussed here!

I am in dilemma myself, although for different reason than yours. I have 2006 Blizzard FIS SL skis in 155cm, which is same as the 2007 version Blizzard SL Mg that I am thinking about mounting with Look PX12 bindings. The problem is the built-in plates will accept Look binders only in 2 cm forward position. The ski-tech strongly recommends against this forward mounting position, especially with 155 cm short SL skis. The plate will accept Markers and some Salomons but at this point, I’ve not decided what to do.

On the other hand, this article seems to suggest that it may be ok to mount 2-cm forward, especially with German made skis that I believe the Blizzard falls under.

What to do? what to do? …Too much information is not necessarily a good thing, eh?
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Center of running surface won't help you unless you know what to put there. Suggest ball of foot.
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