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The Stuff that Dreams are Made of

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Saturday at Sugarloaf. The warm sun making the mountain glisten. Sugarloaf entices, yet soothes the spirit. Somehow the visions of doom, the "if I ski this I may fall, get hit, break a leg" dialogue gets replaced with LET IT BE, and with these words of wisdom I discover that DIAMONDS really are a girl's best friend.
But what is sit about that mountain, that feels like a spiritual home? The staff seems to stay forever. They remember Weems with great fondness. Said he was a " wild young man".
Why am I not surprised that Weems spent some time at the Loaf.

This mountain brings out the true glory of our sport. And it is no surprise that people for the most part, can ski in harmony here, almost as if the mountain has pre choregraphed everyone's moves, and they are dancing with, as opposed to attacking each other.

I love that place!
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Lisamarie, you've just been immersed in the essence of skiing. Its the power of the mountains, the unexplainable force that captures our hearts and engulfs our souls, drawing us back again and again to feed from its life source. It's not just Sugarloaf, it's anywhere man dares to challenge the mountain that this transformation from adversary to harmonic lover can occur, and when the bond is formed it's a love affair that lasts for life. We may roam from time to time, but we always carry the spirit of the mountains deep within our souls and the power of their allure bring us back home. Welcome to our club kid.
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I will agree with everything Lisamarie said (I was at Sugarloaf this weekend as well -- Boston Ski Club trip), except to say Sunday was the day that dreams are made of. Ten inches of fresh fluff up top, perfect temperatures, no real crowds, and me finding Lisamarie in my bed at the end of the day wearing a "black diamonds are a girl's best friend" t-shirt. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

We lucked out weather wise, that's for sure! Lisamarie, it was great finally meeting you in person.
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LOL!!! Let me clarify! Kevin's condo was sthe designated changing condo for BSSC, thats why I was there!

And BTW, Kevin is being very modest. His instructor told him that he skis like Bode Miller!

Oh yeah, the Tee shirt thing. A bit corney, but for someone who said she would never ever ski anything but greens, it has some real meaning.
But even better. There were some girls who were taking their first ski lessons, experiencing the terror of their first lift ride. When they saw me at the condo wearing the shirt, one of them said "I'm never going to get to let level!"
Boy, did I have some stories to tell them about my former attitude!
The next day she thanked me. Said it increased her confidence a whole lot.
The best part of the gift is when you get to share it!
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[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] For LM. A long time ago I read a statment That said "Feel the Fear do it anyway." Lisa I think you now skiing, useing your fear instead of letting your fear use you.
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Thank you, Utah! I like that. Though i do think this particular mountain has a lot to do with making anyone feel more confident.
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lm, that sounds great that you've now ventured where you swore you never would get!
Apparently the Loaf is Bode's favorite mountain in the east. Are the snowfields open now?
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The snowfields are open, but I heard that they were very icy.
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