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Teach me about base burn

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Until I started reading here, I had never heard of base burn. I don't think any of the other guys I ski with have heard of it either. I borrowed one guys volkl's and Ii don't think there was a drop of wax left in the bases. The were starting to get a little grey and furry. Most of the guys get there skis tuned at the beginning of the season and that is it.
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sucks to be them.
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A little hot wax once in a wile never hurt anyone. If you ski your skis in that condition you run the risk of two things.
1 Damaging your bases
2 Not going fast
Neither of these is acceptable to me
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let me guess, the rtop is for roundtop?
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It's not like you need fast bases on Gunbarrel or Ramrod.

Let's face it, that's a bump skiers' hill unless you're in one of the race programs.

Heh, by the time slush season rolls around (5-6 weeks now?), ie. the only time base prep matters, it's easy to convince folks they need a new stone grind.
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But fast bases are so much fun on lower gunbarrel when it is not bumpy
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gunbarrel should be shot.
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