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Tecnica Diablo Mags.

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I recently just purchased a new pair of Tecnica Diablo Magnesums. I ski about 30 days a year, mainly bumps, steeps and some trees, but do like to throw in the cruser every once and awhile. I am a bit worried that these boots may be to stiff?

How stiff of a boot should one look to if they ski bumps 85% of the day? Do I have to stiff of a boot?
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How much do you weight?
Diablo mag's are not very stiff at all
Can be softened by flipping the setting on the spine.
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I Weight about 195lbs. They are certainly stiffer then the other boot that i was looking at the Xwave 8. I was told the Tecnica Diablo was about 20pts stiffer ( I realize the scale is not science and is up for interpertaition
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I weigh about 208lbs and I have new diablo magma's which is a 115 flex and I set it at it softer setting and it feels perfect for me . The magnesium is a 100 flex and it felt soft for me ,but I was coming off the Icon carbon which is very stiff . I like all conditions not 85% bump specific . The X wave 8 is not considered a stiff boot but you should be Ok if you set the mag's soft and if thats still to stiff they should have some flex inserts you might be able to remove or call Tecnica or any good boot shop that rep's tecnica.
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