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I started snowboarding this year; I have been out on to the slopes for 6 times this year.
Where should I be, regarding skills? By now what should I be able to do? I want to know if I’m doing good progress.
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I think one needs to know more about your background.
simialiar sports like skatboarding, wake boarding or surfing, will effect your progress. Are you an expert skier who wants to do both ? that makes a huge difference.

I'm 24 years old been skiing since i was 7 skiing 40 days plus a year. My best friend does both so i picked up his snowboard technique over the last ten years. And finally brought what i learned to the snow. And no word of a lie, I carved turns on both edges after. 1 full day and a two half days.
My best advice to you is, don't ride like most of the snowboarders on the hill, they are doing it wrong. Go get a couple of lessons and avoid picking up any bad habits, and you will be carving before you know it.
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If you are having fun and you are still in one piece, you are making good progress.

In general, athletic people with experience in sideways sliding sports can progress very quickly and people between 8 and 20 learn quicker than people of other ages. But everyone is a unique individual and picks up riding at a different pace. I've had a 7 year old riding comfortably on our advanced beginner slopes in an hour and I've had skilled athletes who just weren't going to get it after 10 days. Good instruction can speed up the process. But when you start thinking about how fast you are learning you start holding back the progress you could be making. Half of the fun is getting better no matter how fast you do it. If it helps any, a lot of beginners make very slow progress until they learn to use their edges. Once they get the feel of riding on the edge of the board, things "click" and they make very rapid progress from that point on. Personally, it took me probably over 15 times on a board, starting with an hour here and two hours there, before I was slightly better than pathetic. Within the next 10 times after that I was riding black trails at Wolf Creek.

Your mileage should vary.
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i used to ski 3 years, but no other sport.
i have been linking turns with no trouble, i can ride a black diamond, i havent get tried double black. i can hit small kickers, and ollie.
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Well...sounds to me the next logic answer is can you straight line every run at your local resort?..

No seriously though, have you made an effort to ride the same trails switch? Another idea is to tag along with a local park grom and try to shadow them for the day. You would be amazed at some of the things a rider like that can do with the same terrain you may find bland! (especially the freestyle terrain). Asking questions is always a hugh plus! Genearlly speaking people that are passionate about what the love to do love to talk and share the knowledge. This approach to many often yield plenty of riding tips! Good luck!
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