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Elan S12 or Volkl 5 star or K2 Crossfire?

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Hey, new poster here and would greatly appreciate any advice.

I can get S12's for $599, 5 Stars for $499, And Crossfires for $499.

I am an aggressive New England skier who likes going very fast on groomers, glades (of course they are few and far between this year), and bumps, in that order. I'm 29, 6'1, and 190.

I'm going out west for five days and will bring skis, but will rent if there is decent powder. In other words I'm looking for a great New England ski. (Killington, Sunday River, etc.)

I skied the 5 Star yesterday and liked them a lot but didn't love them. They had a great grip on the ice and turned nicely on the groomers. Didn't venture too much into the bumps. On Saturday I had the All Star- they are powerhouses but not as lively as I would have liked.

Thanks in advance for your input.
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If you've skied the AllStars and thought they weren't lively I wouldn't even bother with the S12. I'm 205 lbs and ski the elan in the 176. It's a very nice ski, particularly in soft snow, but it isn't lively. It never begs you to give it more, it just takes what you give it. It's one of the most versatile skis I've been on - trees, bumps, groomers - it'll do them all.

If you're looking for a ski that likes to rip the whole hill, try and find a pair of Dynastar ski cross 10's. They're one of the nicest skis I've owned.
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Based on the comments those skis will not send you. I am a Volkl/Atomic fan,the K2 is just ok as well . I don't blame you for trying to get a good deal but sometimes If you want a ski that really puts a smile on your face you may have to pay more or wait for a good sale and then the timing sucks. One of the very impreesive skis I tried was the Nordica speedmachine series spefically the Mach 3 XBI 170cm .This ski was excellent ,very smooth ,stable ,nice edge hold, good combo of dampness and livelyness. Their mach 3 power which is a little stiffer(added metal) is supposed to really rip but I was Unable to demo that ski. I am coparing these to my newer 06/07 allstars for a comparison.
If you are looking for a great deal go to atomic ski outlet or skiers outlet.com and look at their closeouts, great deals and no tax and free shipping,call them and speak to Nathen very helpful and knowledgable. Make sure you tell him Rich the Powderkid sent you.
They deal in the Atomic/Volkl/Fisher lines check out last years SX-B5 great price on a excleent ski $ 219.00 with binding ,they will also mount the bindings if you know boot size and din setting >GOOD LUCK
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I skied the S12 in New England for years. Awesome, do-it-all ski. Narrow underfoot (67mm, I believe) so it requires a competent pilot off-the-groomed. Probably better suited for medium-to-longer radius turns, but can make decent short turns as well. Very nice bump ski. Can be skied with low or high energy input -- it won't beg for more, but it'll sure reward you if you give it more. Much, much more forgiving then the 5*, which I also used for a while (although the 5* I used is several years old now... It's almost certainly undergone some changes since then).

The Crossfire... Like all K2s, it is very, very damp. It just lies there obediently doing whatever you request. It felt absolutely lifeless to me, but there are people who worship the K2 feel. I'd definitely demo it before buying it.
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In the price range you are looking for, you can get the successor to the S12, the Speedwave 12 or 14, at the same price right now. It is a better ski, with more tenacious edge hold and much more energy. The S12 was a great ski, just more damp and predicatable, but with lots of stability. More lively than the skis you listed are the Supershape from Head, RX8 from Fischer, Mach 3 from Nordica, and hte aformentioned Speedwave 12 and 14 from Elan. The Crossfire is a great ski, although it does not have much energy. The S12 and 5-Star are pretty comparable, but neither is overly energetic.

This thread may give you some additional info:

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oops, when I said S12 in the thread title I meant SW12. Nordica Speedmachine is moving up the list....
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