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It's Happening

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ITS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we have been waiting for the jet stream to settle down and push this high pressure off our coast. ITS ABOUT DARN TIME!!

this is a good site to watch this storm. It also looks like a another storm, that might be stronger will hit begginig of next week.

This site gives temp., windspeed at 500 mb(jet stream), humidty, and precip. It will forecast up to 10 days ahead.

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Just in time for peak season. sigh. January is usually the time to get some skiing done while it's quiet. It just wasn't worth it this January! Worked instead. Now the holiday makers will get all the powder. grumble.
Well, if it all arrives, I guess it can come.
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very psychedilic

now can you translate for the non-meteorologists
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Originally Posted by duke walker View Post
now can you translate for the non-meteorologists
What he said.
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does this mean good for utah cus someone earlier in another post contradicted...
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utah should get somthing. I'll do a snow dance for you guys.
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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes

I have been working with Steve over the past month, and I am finally able to post. No worries though, I am a frequent poster on MTBR so I know most of the rules.

I am one of "those guys" who will be hitting up Tahoe during peak season.

Thanks for keeping us in the know as far as the storm system's go. I hope it hits you guys hard and you get some freshie turns in before us crappy vacationer's come ruin it all for you :

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