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Atomic SX-9 vs. M:9

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Hi everyone,
I've learned a lot reading from this forum in the last couple of days, so thank you.

All of last year and this year I've been trying all sorts of different skis to get a good idea of what I like. On saturday at Mt Baker, I finally hit on something that really worked well for me - an Atomic SX-9 (170). I asked for something with the most aggressive sidecut they had and they pointed me in that direction.

I live in Seattle and do all of my skiing in the PNW (not opposed to trips but being realistic). I'm 6'1, 190, and on a scale of 1-9 between a level 7-8. I'm not big on moguls but I love tighter chutes and really turning it out a few times a day on the less demanding stuff, so stability at medium-high speeds is a pro.

I really enjoyed that ski yesterday but from what i've read it's good for hardpack and not much else. The conditions yesterday were a very hard base (icy in spots) with just a bit of cold chopped up powder over the top. I lost my edges in the iciest spots a few times. From my research I've identified the M:9s as another candidate that might actually work better for all-around PNW skiing.

Can anyone tell me the real difference between the two? I'm assuming that since the M:9 is a bit wider it's better in deeper snow. I also like the slightly more aggressive sidecut radius in principle.

I'm open to any and all suggestions. Thanks in advance!
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I have owned both pair of Atomic skis. The Metron 9 is heavier and has a smaller TR (13M) as the SX-9 has a 15M TR. I prefered the SX-9 over the M-9. Both skis handle all conditions well but the SX-9 felt more stable at higher speeds to me. I regret selling the SX-9's. Either way you can't go wrong.
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thanks, slider. I do like light skis. Any input on the izor 9:7? They look like they'd be right in between the two, and possibly lighter (can't find weights though). The only problem is that I'd think i'm in between sizes - 168 or 177 in that ski?
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