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New Member Looking for Some Insights

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Hey, all. I am a new member (found your sight today doing some research on new skis). Looks like a very informative sight and am psyched that I found it. I am a 45 year old male, 5'8", 170-175 pounds. I would consider myself a 7 to 8 skier based on your scale. I live in New England and ski almost exclusively in VT. I am currently skiing a pair of Dynastar Speed 63's. While I enjoy these skis on well-groomed cruisers, as soon as I need to make short turns to control my speed in crud, bumps, etc. I have hard time controlling them. I stopped by my local shop today and the proprietor suggested either the K2 Recon, K2 Stryker, or Head IM 72 (suggested lenght of 167 to 170). Any input would be welcome.

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What do you want a new pair of skis to be able to do for you? How much time do you spend on the groomed vs off the groomed? What type of turns do you like to make?
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where in VT do you ski? What areas and what trails/ What do you WANT this ski to be able to do? Where do you want to go?
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I ski at Okemo. I want to be able to ski non-groomed trails or ski in the trees. When I am on a run that allows me to make long, fast GS turns, my Dynastars are just fine. Unfortunately, whenever I am faced with bumps, crud, or other conditions that require me to make shorter, quicker turns, then I struggle to control the Dynastars. I am really looking for a second pair of skis that will allow me to handle conditions like those described above and to ski in the trees or in heavy snow conditions (if we ever get another snow storm in New England).
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What length are your current 63's?

Are they this ski,

or this ski (or something similar)?

Personally, I'd look at a pair of mid fats like the Dynastar 8000's or maybe the contact 11 (just staying with the same manufacture). The 8000's would be more of an off trail type ski and the 11's would be more of an on trail type ski...
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I'd second Lonnie's suggestion to consider a pair of midfats like the 8000's. I spent 2 years or so on the Dynastar Speed 63's - the red ones, shown in Lonnie's 2d link. Yes indeed they're fine on the groomed but are so narrow waisted and carve-oriented they do not other conditions well. When I picked up a pair of midfats (76mm waist, longer radius than the Dynastars) the other stuff became much easier. Bumps, trees, deeper snow, crud. Not that I'm great at it, just that the mids make it easier.

Your other concern though of a short turner is a little at odds with the midfat recommendation b/c a lot of mids have longer turn radius. Yet, they're perfectly capable of short turns if you're not purely carving but also pivoting, skidding, slipping, etc., as needed to navigate bumps, crud, etc.

If you want the best of both worlds - i.e., a mid that also can carve short turns - there certainly are some out there. Fischer AMC 76 and the Dynastar Legend 4800 are the first coming to mind but no doubt there are others.
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Ton of skis....Most any of the high performance skis with a 80mm +/- waist. Start demoing. I would say something with a 16-19m turn radius that will still be fun on the groomers.
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