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Forward lean angles

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Is their a way to measure these? Do manufactures publish the info? I like the minimal forward lean on the Heads (ie San Marcos) and would like to find a newer design that mimics it. I can guestimate when I try them on but it'd be nice to know for sure.
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Yes, the stats are in the tech manual. Many boots have adjustable forward lean. But you don't want to be too upright. Forward lean is a good thing.
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Well . . . only to a degree, and sometimes not at all. Forward lean is NOT always a good thing. Sometimes it's a BAD thing.
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Most manufacturers will have forward lean numbers either in a tech manual, or the least on the boots. Certain bootfitters can upright certain models with not too much work.

I prefer quite forward, but it requires greater leg strength and endurance, since the quads are always engaged. By uprighting the boot, one can acheive a straighter leg so that the skeleton can take some of the forces, and not just the muscles.
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