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Rossi Z9

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First Review....

Size: 162 Dimensions: 126/74/

Me: 155lbs 5'6" Level 5/6. I ski mostly blue/blacks in NC....blues in the west. I like to go relatively fast on the groomers and usually ski with a fairly aggressive approach with a lot of forward pressure. (I ski mostly on Atomic's, they tend to perform much better with a forward stance.) Current ski is an Atomic SX9 158cm. In the last 12 months I have demoed: Metron 10(164) & 11(162), Izor 9:7 (159).

Conditions: Close to 6" of fresh snow at Keystone. What I would call powder if we had that here in the east.

Impression: I had skied Rossi's in the past and wasn't crazy about the feel, but after reading the reviews on the Z9 here, I'm decided to give it a go while vacationing at Keystone last week.

All I can say is WOW! This ski surpassed my every expectation. Smooth and lively. Very quick edge to edge. Smooth, predictable rebound. Any turn shape felt effortless regardless of where I was posistioned on the ski. However, the Z9 seemed to really come to life when I used forward pressure, giving me great edgehold and it sliced right over what windblown hard spots I could find. It will be intresting to see how they will hold on hard, eastern snow.

These sticks just wanted to faster the more I pushed. I'm sure some skiers may be able to find a speed limit, but I was not able to. The smooth feel and stability definately increased my confidence at higher speeds. I was able to use my turn shape to control speed versus skidding.

Something else that really impressed me, and my thighs were very thankful for, was how it didn't have to be locked on edge at all times. Other skis I have tried with this amount of sidecut seemed to get squirrely at speed while running flat.

Best all-mountain skis I've ever been on. I feel like these will be a great compliment to my Atomic's. Now I just gotta scrape up the cash to make 'em mine!
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Another convert...I love it!
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Something else that really impressed me, and my thighs were very thankful for, was how it didn't have to be locked on edge at all times.
Thats one thing I really like about the design of this ski. The wide tip and narrow(ish) waist really help start the turns - but the tail does'nt flare out much. So skidding amd smearing turns are a breeze.
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Does anyone know if there is a difference between the 06 and 07 models?
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See my reply to this same question in the "ski gear discussion" forum.
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thanks memosteve...
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The binding plate looks to have changed slightly - at least cosmetically, and the tip is ALL red now.

Beyond that, I think they are identical. I THINK...
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