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March skiing

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Hi all. I am looking to get 3-5 days on the hill in March, either the third or fourth week. I am looking for some recomendations as to where to go. I have no idea as to where the best snow can be found at this time so I could use some help/advice. Thanks!

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my family and I did 4 days at big sky last year during the 3rd week of march. more that a wonderful time. big sky/moonlight were both 100% open, and full of snow, loved it so much we're doing it again this year.
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Whereabouts are you located, how far are you willing to travel, what sort of terrain are you looking for? (groomers, bowl skiing, etc).
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I am looking for bowls, bumps, and steeps. I will burn a roun or 2 on the groomers early or late in the day but usually avoid them. I love the bumps!!! If there has not been any new snow in a while I will spend all day there, I just got a new pair of Head Super Moguls. If there is fresh snow I will go to the steeps and bowls.

I live in VA, just outside Washington, DC. I will trave to where the snow is best. I have been to CO twice this year, my last trip was to Steamboat which I really liked. Some nice steeps and we had about a foot of fresh while I was there.

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West Virginia!
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See this link. http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=51301

Best snow, world class terrain, inexpensive, and direct access from all major cities in N/A into the airport ranked third best in the world by MSNBC. It's the "perfect storm" for spring skiing.

Here are a few photos to tease you: Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Gallery
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March Skiing

Curtisvill, Normally I'd recommend either l) stay at No shore Lake Tahoe and ski Squaw and Alpine Meadows or 2) Mammoth however so far this year neither has enough snow to make the trip worthwhile. So wait and see on snow. Airfare not much more that Colo. out of Reno and you can stay in N.shore pretty cheap. Based on what I know, hear and have seen this year I'd recommend Fernie BC. Lots of steeps, lots of moguls of all varieties and pitches and just a hell of a mountain for a person who just wants to ski all types of terrain. Have a nice March! Pete

Note. I've skied Mammoth in March for the past 25 yrs and it is great but so far the snow is suspect. Big Sky also does not have good snow and its Feb. ugh. Northern Idaho has great snow.
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Whistler will be buried in snow in March. It can be a very good month there weatherwise. We're wallowing in it this year in the PNW.
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I was thinking about Whistler, over 100" base now. Lake Louise was not on the radar. I will look into it.

As far as Tahoe goes I know it well. I grew up on skiing at Alpine, my dad was a National Ski Patrol there back in the day. I took a year off and was a lift operator there, I skied over 120 days that year. My buddy who I am going with is at Heavenly now so I will wait unttil he gets back and see how the conditions are.

Thanks for all of the input.

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Whistler in March can be stellar! Usually a big snow month around here!
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Just wait until a couple of days before departure to decide. Right now the PNW has the base, but Co/NM have better surface conditions.
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