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Checking In

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Just checking in to say hi to all. Don’t seem to have much free time any more and what I do have I’m either skiing, getting ready to, or repairing my skis. See a couple of threads I’d like to reply to. Looks like a lot of new folks around. Used to be easy to keep up with the posts but now it looks impossible unless you have time every day.

Started off the season feeling like a beginner all over again. For all who don’t know, messed my knees up this year in a bicycle accident. Between the pain and the worry of doing more damage I feel like I dropped a couple levels. Afraid to do much more than blues at first. Getting a little better with time on skis but still hurting enough to know I’m going to have to get one, if not both, knees done as soon as the season’s over. Have at least paid for my pass already so at least I won’t waste that. Did my week at Whistler the week before last and of course it was right before the snow hit but had a great time anyway and really loosened up. Had to work all last week but back on the hill tomorrow. Hated to miss all the fresh but still avoiding weekends. I’m thinking it’ll be great tomorrow anyway.

Lucky, looks like there’s a lot more Crystal activity on the board. Anybody doing weekdays? Anyway, hi all.
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Hi Bob, good to see you back here! Take it easy while your knees are healing.
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Heya Bob, welcome back, and i'm pleased to meet you. Good luck with the healing, and i hope you've had some good runs so far.
Chow - Tim
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