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Alpine Meadows 2/3/07 and Tahoe Donner 2/4/07

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Alpine Meadows Saturday Feb 3, 2007. (That place they are doing Tahoe ESA)

Weather: Sunny (again ), Below freezing overnight warming into high 40’s.

Conditions: groomed packed powder, firm turning to corn on east facing slopes. There was some hard edgeable snow on some steeper north facing areas. The base looks early to mid Dec (not early Feb). Sherwood and Lakeview lift were closed do to lack of snow cover. There are plenty of rocks to be found off trail or in any moguls.

Babysitter: yes

New skis: Yes (192 Elan M777)

Exec Summary: Expectations were pretty low and they were met. It was an OK day of groomers with a couple nice corn runs and a couple nice tight chute shots. The lack of any crowds did give the day an extremely relaxed feel, more like Taos or somewhere else off the beaten path. It was a good day for a long lunch and/or breaks on the sun deck.

Some pics:

From Mid Mtn during a mid morning break.

race course on Ladie's Slalom

We ran into my daughter’s class on Hot Wheels.

Note for ESA campers(?): That is Art’s knob in the upper left. By Feb you should not see all those rocks. You should be able to ski it with long GS turns.

Mrs. Stormday (Vid lost some quality uploading to youtube.: )

Another crowded groomer run.

There was some loose snow laying around.

I got the new skis out in some corn a little later. They handled it quite well as expected. Checked the edge hold on some harder north facing slopes. It looks like there may be a little truth to elan’s ads.

All in all, a good day skiing with the Mrs and playing with the new skis.

Tahoe Donner Ski Hill Feb 4, 2007

Well with the fabulous conditions at Alpine and a view from the condo deck like this:

We decided to sleep in, have a nice breakfast and take our 4 year old to the Tahoe Donner ski hill. Lifts are about 300 yards from the condo door and you can ski back to the condo when there is more coverage. Walked over after breakfast and got a parent interchangeable ticket. We got on the hill just before 10am.

Weather: Sunny and very warm – Ball cap and vest weather. Perfect for taking a little one out.

Main lift and some soft corduroy

Bunny hill

Partner for the morning

View from top (East):

NorthStar’s Backside

View to west

Making a trench skiing down from the "big" lift.

The ski hill was pretty empty. It was nice skiing w/ my 4 year old and not having to be constantly monitoring traffic over my shoulder.

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Thanks for the report and the GREAT photos!
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Originally Posted by StormDay View Post


Great report with the best carve I have ever seen posted on this forum
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Nice alternative to the Superbowl

Hopefully things will look better by next week, but there is a lot to be said for easy-going spring like skiing. Thanks for posting the report.
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Sorry we missed each other again!

Sinecure called me Saturday morning from Alpine (did you run into him?)

I ended up at Squaw with pops. Similar conditions, though a few runs through Solitude's boulder field was fun until everybody else showed up!

Ended up at Northstar on Sunday with a large crew (7 of us). Not bad, basically the same conditions you laid out: borderline icy hardpack turning into corn.

The backside was sparse with Burnout being a bit icy for my taste (I had my No Ka Oi's tuned, but I swear the shop didn't wax or sharpen the edges as I was either sticking in the slope or sliding off the ice). Iron Horse was much better as less people had scraped off the top crust.

For the most part the best lines were the side of the runs where everybody had kicked up the top layer from the middle.

As has been said before, not great conditions, but if you make the best of it you'll have a grand old time.

So, how are the new Elans?
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great report
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Originally Posted by dookey67 View Post
Sinecure called me Saturday morning from Alpine (did you run into him?)

So, how are the new Elans?
We did not see Sinecure or his daughter. We did see Chili out w/ his development team a bunch. AlpineDad's daughter is in that group. I didn't see/recognize her, so I don't think they were up either.

Elans M777: very nice. pretty solid at speed. my new hard snow ski.
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