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Instructors Opinion Please!

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I would like to hear what some of our Professionals here think of the Bode Miller, Phil McNichols instruction videos
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I think it's pretty sloppy work.

I think it's language that a recreational skier would really have a hard time following.

Bode describes crossover as the skis crossing over underneath the body. They talk about shoulders staying down the hill and stayiing square (which is a visible contradiction relative to the end of the turn). They just tend to babble, and I'm not sure that anyone would easily change their skiing from that.

When top athletes talk about technique, they tend to talk very fast and say very little.

And, although I like the free skiing, I think that it's also pretty undisciplined in the sense that it would be easy to pick up all that torso and arm stuff he does and make that more important than what is going on in the legs.

Few racers have learned to ski in a demonstrative fashion, so I have a sense of the filmers just throwing him out there to ski around and he just tries to figure out what they may want to see. And then he just exaggerates stuff that doesn't help skiers. I'm not convinced that much time went into this.

There is one interesting tech piece that surprises me. I don't understand his very active movement of the inside ski ahead on each turn. Ron LeMaster referred to that a few years back and I didn't really agree. But there it is, on the Bode hisself. So there is something about it that draws him and them to the move. My sense of that is that it doesn't add to good body alignment (and therefore a lot of energy is dissipated), but as a great racer once told me: " What do you know? You're nothing more than a high class recreational skier." Too true.

One piece I found very important and accurate is the sense of attention to details of all kinds in order to win.

I will say that I learn a LOT more from the winning runs videos the team makes.

All in all, I don't think there is a lot of really useful stuff coming out of the greatest racer we've ever had.
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He's not teaching/demonstrating what is generally regarded as clean, bodily-efficient skiing. He's an amazing racer, but maybe needs to think about whether what he's teaching would be useful to the average housewife, elderly person, fat guy or whoever.

I haven't viewed the videos since coming to the US (I'm on dial up here) but the images that have stayed in my mind is a very low flexed position in the legs, Bode throwing his hip into the turn very early with resultant big edge angles, and some big tip lead changes with each turn.
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I only watched a few of the clip yesterday evening and will try to sit through them all tonight.

What I liked:

Strong emphasis on getting the body to project down the hill; the progression from the pole plant to the steeps seems nice and progressive. The hardest thing and critical for that intermediate breakthrough is getting the student to have absolute trust in making that move.


Bode stressing constant contact .... ski to snow ... and then he's one footing it ... but with a few piles and chop on the steeper section, well they could have picked a steep groomer to illustrate the point better and my PSIA examiner would have deducted a few point for "terrain selection relative to lesson content"


Bode and his tip lead on the blues .... I don't concentrate much on that myself .... well, I felt some sense of redemption ..
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Its hard making a good instructional video so Im not too critical. I like the relaxed style in witch they talk and especially the part on hip angulation. I also like the staight ahead approach focusing on basic skills insted of trying to boost their own ego by giving old methods new names and claiming its their inventions. Im sick of that actually. Good and honest video. Nothing revolutionary and nothing that will blow your mind but a reminder that skiing has been arround for a while and that if we stick to working on basic skills and practise a lot we will improve.

I give it a 3,5-4 on a 0-5 scale.
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Nice reviews. keep them coming.
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